Jamey Johnson on Leno Last Night


Anyone catch Jamey Johnson on The Tonight Show last night (Thursday)? After a particularly intense performance of “High Cost of Living” that saw Johnson glaring into the camera like he wanted to punch it for much of the song, Jay came out to shake his hand and call over the other guests, Jennifer Aniston and Santonio Holmes, to do the customary goodnight wave thing. Now, usually the other guests shake hands with the musical guest and appear to say “Good job!” or something similar, ending the show on a nice note of camaraderie and whatnot (because we’re supposed to believe that all famous people hang out together).

But Johnson (still scowling) was apparently so intimidating and/or reserved that both Aniston and Holmes instead opted to shake hands with one of his smiling band members, leaving Johnson to brood by his lonesome on the other side of the stage. Now that’s some good television right there.

Also, the Zac Brown Band did a pretty fine job on Conan O’Brien earlier this week. Zac Brown’s facial expression when he’s finger-picking is really something. Sort of like he’s doing calculus or getting stabbed. Or both.

Edit: You can watch Johnson’s performance on the NBC site. Select chapter 6 to skip ahead to that point.

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  1. Lj says

    Wow, and I just thought (am hoping) he might be a really shy guy who was particularly verklempt that night. It sure did stand out among the nightly musical performances for me, that he immediately backed up next to the drummer, as though he was hoping to fade into the stage scenery. Is this who he always is, I wonder?

  2. says

    I noticed that about the backing away as well. I suspect you’re right that shyness might have as much to do with it as wanting to look like a tough guy. Anyway, whatever the reason, it certainly left an impression.

  3. Lj says

    Well… it’s hard to tell for sure. If I had to guess, I’d say my opinion doesn’t matter. However JA really looks like there’s all kinds of “doubts” bouncing around in her head… like, who IS this guy? and maybe, Ok, I’ll do this, but make it quick. Bottom line is we never can know what anyone else’s story is. I just like to see people doing what they do, and to imagine they ARE ENJOYING what they’re doing.


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