Jackson’s Next Album Will Be Three-Disc Set, Self-Written

Alan Jackson has announced that he will release a three-disc set of new self-penned material later this year. According to Jackson, the collection was originally going to consist of four discs like Vince Gill’s landmark These Days, but Arista Nashville insisted on releasing the 17-track Good Time disc separately in 2008 to test the waters. With the warm reception of that album, they are now prepared to release the remainder of the collection as These Times sometime in the second quarter. The three discs, each consisting of 17 songs, are titled: Great Time (The Party Album), Bad Time (The Heartbreak Album), and Okay Time (The Apathy Album). Jackson is the sole writer on all 51 songs in the set, which include such titles as “Beet and Tomato Man,” “If Hushpuppies Were Fat Free,” “Where Were You (When Gunsmoke Got Canceled),” and “Country Boy Returns.” The lead single, a duet with Martina McBride called “Loved Once Before,” will be released to radio in March.

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Things People Are Saying

  1. Chris D. says:

    Nice. xD

    PS- If you didn’t see it, today’s not really my birthday- long story.

  2. David Jones says:

    Funny! I loved those titles too.

  3. Lori says:

    “If Hushpuppies Were Fat Free” ROTFL

    Were do you come up with this stuff?! Brillant. lol

  4. Rick says:

    For the sake of truth in advertising, if Alan were to release such an album he should borrow a title of an old Jackson Browne song “Running On Empty”, or maybe something like “When The Songwriter’s Well Runs Dry”. Alan’s recent material doesn’t hold a candle to his early stuff. It’s like he’s morphing into the Kenny Chesney for senior citizens, which will play well in Branson and at The Opry.

  5. CF says:

    Hahaha, I like the detail in the stories. I love these.

  6. J.R. Journey says:

    I hope the two new songs he wrote are on here – ‘Country Fellow’ and ‘Where I Was Born’.

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