It’s Chris Stapleton Day!

Grab your copy of Traveller by clicking the image, then comment with fun (preferably made-up) facts about Chris Stapleton and how he came to write and sing like that. Or post links to Stapleton YouTube videos that have appeared since I compiled these ones. Or do whatever else you think should be done to celebrate Chris Stapleton Day. But do, do, do something. It’s a momentous occasion.

stapleton traveller

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  1. says

    Chris Stapleton shaves every night and wakes up with that beard every morning. In the few seconds before stubble begins regenerating itself, he writes like Dallas Davidson and sings like Hunter Hayes.

  2. says

    Chris Stapleton writes in his sleep. That’s how we got “Crash & Burn,” “Hangover Tonight,” “Never Wanted Nothin’ More,” “Your Man,” “Come Back Song,” etc. Traveller is what happens when he wakes.

    Chris Stapleton has battled for and won the Stanley Cup so many times his beard is a permanent condition.

    Chris Stapleton is God. It’s really the only explanation.

  3. Shawn jenkins says

    Everyone says Chris stapletons voice is smooth as whiskey.

    I have to agree

    Place your headphones in your mouth and hit play. The best tasting whiskey will fill your mouth and send your taste buds on a ride that will never be forgotten

  4. AC says

    Chris Stapleton doesn’t have a soul, he has everyone’s soul & released them in his new album The Traveller – “The devil named Music” took his. Now Everyone’s walking around yelling Amen bc they felt their soul come back!

  5. JC Eldredge says

    Chris Stapleton is an evil genius. He plans on conquering the music world by killing off other singers careers by writing one brilliantly bad bro song at a time.

  6. AJC says

    When Chris Stapelton tuned into the country radio station he thought country music was extinct so he put on his boots got on his horse & took some country music to the nearest station, that day The Traveller saved country music! He’s a Hero

  7. Steve says

    Sam Hunt withered up like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz when he heard Chris Stapleton’s album

  8. Harriett says

    When Chuck Norris heard Chris Stapleton’s album, he gave up, turned in his man card and deserted his gym equipment endorsements. Instructional yoga DVD in the works.

  9. Kendra says

    They say Chuck Norris hides a fist under his beard. Chris Stapleton hides Chuck Norris under his.

  10. Spurge says

    Chris Stapleton has been disowned by the state of Kentucky for recording “Tennessee Whiskey” and insinuating that Jack Daniels is smoother than any Kentucky bourbon.

  11. says

    Japan lost the final match of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup because its players were too verklempt after hearing Chris Stapleton sing “Sometimes I Cry.” In flawless Japanese.


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