Hobo Crashes Artist of the Decade Show


fake-news-imageA hobo wandered into the CBS taping of the George Strait ACM Artist of the Decade show, watched the performances and somehow even took the stage without being removed from the concert.

The transient, described by other attendees as filthy and disheveled with a long unkempt beard, sat quietly and respectfully through the show, almost seeming to belong there despite his askew appearance.

“I figured he’d snatch the whole tray of hors d’oeuvres when they brought it around, but he politely declined,” said Faith Hill, who was seated near the vagrant.

“That was one scruffy looking brother,” laughed R&B singer, jokester and show performer Jamie Foxx. “I was glad he was there. Compared to him, all those white folks felt safe around me.”

The bearded panhandler stumbled onstage at one point in the show, drawing gasps and giggles from the stunned audience. Miraculously, he held his own on a duet with an obviously startled Lee Ann Womack before hopping off the front of the stage and exiting the venue through the crowd.

“He sounded pretty dang good,” said the always lovely Womack, “but I think I saw a rat in his beard.”

The head of event security was forced to fire a couple of guards after the debacle, despite there being no criminal incidents. The homeless man is not being sought by police at this time. Numerous sightings of the same bum have been reported at similar industry gatherings in recent months.

Reported by “Trailer” Parkman of Farce the Music

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  1. says

    I have an album that he put out before becoming a hobo and even back then he was singing about trying to get a dollar from some kid. Pretty shameless.

  2. Rick says

    Lee Ann Womack needs to brush up on her knowledge of rodents! Its obvious from the size of the hobo’s beard that it was indeed a field mouse she saw in his beard and not a rat. Tsk tsk…

    Its not surprising the hobo wound up on the streets what with his indie debut album containing “The Beer Song” where he got arrested for drunken driving and sent to jail…


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