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Gretchen Wilson Rereleases “Redneck Woman”

gretchenFormer country music hitmaker Gretchen Wilson is hoping to return to the country charts after a long stay on the unemployment charts. With any luck, her comeback hit will be the new version of “Redneck Woman” that shipped to radio stations yesterday.

“When the file showed up, we thought it was a mistake, like our system had accidentally reverted to 2004″ said Don ‘Hambone’ Griffin, an afternoon drive personality on San Jose’s KRTY. “But then we checked Gretchen’s website and it turns out that it’s for real. They’re putting the song out again. Pretty weird.”

The new recording of Wilson’s breakthrough hit, subtitled The 5th Anniversary Edition of an American Classic, features guest vocals from an assortment of the singer’s friends, including Big & Rich, Cowboy Troy, Kid Rock, Ann Wilson, Willie Nelson, Kenny Chesney, Sarah Palin, and her uncle Vern.

Contacted for comment, Wilson’s manager said: “We conducted research into what made Gretchen such a compelling artist back in 2004 and 2005, and basically all we could come up with was that people liked this song, so we’re putting it out again. I’m excited to see things starting back up. If things keep going the way they’ve been going, I’ll be able quit a couple of my part-time jobs. Man, do I ever hate janitorial work.”

For his part, national radio personality Lon Helton is excited for the return of the Redneck Woman:

“It might seem a little unusual, but it’s certainly been done before. Country artists have a long history of rerecording their own songs. They change labels and record new masters. They turn old fan favorites into new singles, as Brad Paisley and Keith Urban have both done recently. Shoot, Hank Williams Jr. releases an updated version of “A Country Boy Can Survive” every couple weeks. And with all the new listeners brought into the format by people like Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift, most of our audience probably wasn’t around when “Redneck Woman” was first popular so many years back. It’s always a treat to revisit an old classic.”

If the new recording of “Redneck Woman” doesn’t win her a much-needed comeback, Wilson reportedly plans to change the title to “Don’t Make Me Take My Earrings Out” and rerelease it again.

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  1. I’m really disappointed by Gretchen’s decision to release this single under the old title. I was hoping for something a little more descriptive like “I’m Not An American Idol Pop Diva Type Redneck Woman” for starters. I love Sarah Palin’s vocal contribution and how Gretchen added a lyric about moose hunting and teen pregnancy in Alaska in gratitude. I especially love the new single sleeve photo you included above that was originally intended for Gretchen’s never released single “You Can Kiss My Horse’s Ass!”.

  2. I thought that’s she’d been doing all along?…

  3. *I thought that’s what she’d been doing all along …

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