Glen Campbell Has Alzheimer’s; Mindy McCready Suing Mom, National Enquirer; New Guy Clark Live Album

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  1. Jeremy Dylan says:

    Jim is doing a full set with his bluegrass band tonight, launching his new record ‘Reason and Rhyme’. I’ll be tuning in from Sydney.

  2. Leeann says:

    That’s really too bad about Glen Campbell. It’s an awful disease. I won’t be surprised if he won’t be able to get through the whole tour, but I hope he can.

  3. Rick says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the B&W Jeff Bridges contest. Gosh, if you win they notify you the day before the concert! Talk about last minute planning! (lol) I would like a pair of the headphones though.

    I got to see Sierra Hull do a short set last night in Hollywood at The Hotel Cafe and Sierra and her band sound just as good live as they do on her CD’s. I requested “Best Buy” before the show and they graciously added it to the set list. Sierra said that since the song title is a plug for the big electronics chain, she’s really been hoping to get some free stuff from them for promotional reasons! No luck so far…(lol)

    MCR’s guest tonight Sarah Jarosz is coming to LA this weekend and while I’m going to see her at McCabe’s Guitar Shop I’d really rather have it be a full set from Sierra Hull. I’ll take straight ahead bluegrass over that high falutin’ jazzy grass stuff any day of the week. Garrison Keillor needs to start booking Sierra Hull as much as he does Sarah!

    Chris Neal has a new blog, eh? I’ll have to head on over to annoy that dyed in the wool, politically correct libtard! Man I miss ranting and raving at The 9513…

  4. Jeremy Dylan says:

    I rather disappointed at some of the omissions on that Shelton list – no ‘It Ain’t Easy Being Me’?

  5. Chris N. says:

    Thanks for the link!

    Rick, you stay right here.

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