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Give Me a Dark Bar and a Jukebox

My review of the sophomore album from J.B. Beverley & the Wayward Drifters went up at The 9513 this morning (a partial explanation for the quiet here yesterday). Since I didn’t have a blog back in 2006 when I discovered the band’s debut album, though, I’ll go ahead and take a minute to recommend that one as well.

Dark Bar and a Jukebox is indeed just the sort of music you’d want to hear issuing from a Wurlitzer in some seedy hole-in-the-wall nightspot. Songs about trains, songs about being lonesome and blue, songs about escaping into alcohol and camaraderie, songs about killing the judge that’s been making your life difficult (okay, only one song on that particular topic). Just one song about how country radio sucks, which is either dead-on or off-putting depending on how you feel about Alison Bonaguro (I’m tired of runway cowboys and polished pop songs/What happened to our roots, man, where did we go wrong?) Good hearty stuff that will help you through heartbreak, make you want to hop a train and possibly give you a contact high.

In an effort to keep myself from rambling, we’ll jump right to some clips followed by a low-fi music video for one of the songs from the album, a cautionary train-hopping tale simply titled “Train Song.” The video intersperses behind-the-scenes shots of the band with archival train footage.

Download the album from Amazon MP3

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  1. Alison Bonaguro Has got to be one of the most inane writers around. Her columns and blogs are lowest common denominator tripe, and they almost always include a few logical fallacies. Plus she seems uninformed about music.

    If this sounds harsh, actually its not. If anything I am going too easy on her.

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