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Free Music from Drew Kennedy

There’s so much music in this wide world that, try as you might, you’ll never hear all of it. The prohibitive factors are generally time and money. Well, I’m going to knock out both excuses so you’ll have no reason not to check out the new live album from Drew Kennedy.

First, time. Since you’re the sort of person who reads a blog like this, you probably do a fair amount of online reading each day. Here’s a handy speed-reading method that will save you minutes per day, which will add up to extra hours over the course of weeks and months. That bonus time can be used to listen to good music.

Here it is:

1. Read the title of the post
2. Scan the post for bulleted lists and bold words. If it’s not bulleted/bold, it doesn’t matter.
3. Read the final sentence of the post. This sentence is known as the “the pithy clincher,” and it summarizes everything else. Or at least as much as anyone needs to know, unless they’re total sticklers.
4. If challenged to remember any details of a post you ‘read’ using this method, spontaneously reroute the conversation by hurling a personal insult at the questioner.

There you go. Suddenly, you have extra time.

As for money, Drew Kennedy and Lone Star Music are offering a FREE download of Kennedy’s new live album, Alone But Not Lonely. Here’s the post where Kennedy talks about the offer, and you can click on the image below to sign up for a mailing list and grab the album yourself. It’s a pretty entertaining listen, as you might expect if you read Kennedy’s fantastic interview with Farce the Music on Monday. So, I recommend that you download the new live album from Drew Kennedy for free by clicking on the image below.*

* See, that was the pithy clincher. You didn’t even have to read the rest of the post.

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  1. Isn’t this that guy named Dean from New Braunfels, Texas? Hmm….

  2. Drew Kennedy has a great sound that hopefully we’ll be hearing more from. Although, in San Diego we never hear more than the Top 20!!! What gives??

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