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The Audience
Country California reaches thousands of unique readers every month. The numbers aren’t enormous, but we’re not talking casual CMT fans either: regular readers tend to be serious students and devotees of country music, including some industry folks. If you want to reach a smart, savvy bunch of music consumers, look no further.

Reviews aren’t as much of a focus here as they are on some other music blogs – we spend most of our time developing original content – but we do run them occasionally. We receive way more music than we have time or space (or, frankly, inclination) to write about, so know that it’s sort of a crap shoot as far as what ends up getting covered. Although we actively search for exciting music, we can’t find everything. The best way to make sure your album is being heard and considered is by sending it to us via email, snail mail, or ReviewShine.

We don’t have time to write about everything we hear, but we love opportunities to give readers free music. Sending a giveaway copy in lieu of or in addition to a review copy is an easy way to get us posting about your music quickly. We might even get really inspired and publish a review to complement the giveaway.

Press Releases, News, Etc.
We don’t do straight news posts, so emails about upcoming appearances and industry events (excluding album releases or other things we could review) tend to get filed away pretty quickly.

Feature Opportunities
Interested in contributing an Artist Picks to the series? Contact me for details.

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