Country California

Country music. Seriously.


What is Country California?
It’s an independently owned and operated blog about country music.

Why is it called Country California?
Because it’s about country music and the author lives in California.

Who’s the author?
That would be me, C.M. Wilcox. Read more on the About page.

What does C.M. stand for?
Country Man. I was named after a Luke Bryan song.

Is this a humor blog?
Sometimes. My goal is to tell the truth, or my own version of the truth, and sometimes humor is the best way to be truthful. Since this is mostly a one-man operation, the mix of humor and seriousness is approximately reflective of my own personality. I know it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

Who reads this blog?
Most of the really important people in the world.

What’s the comment policy?
Comment often and don’t be a jerk. Easy, right?

How can I get something to you for review?
Contact me. I don’t have time to write reviews for everything that comes in, but do promise to give anything you send my full attention and all due consideration.

Why would I want you to review my music? Won’t you make fun of it?
Only if it’s really bad. I’m more than happy to give credit where it’s due. Besides, what’s the value of a positive review from someone who only ever writes positive reviews? If you win me over, that means something.

Do you ever feature guest posts?
Occasionally. If you have a piece that you’d like to see published here, contact me.

Nice site. What can I do to help support it?
The best ways are the simplest: read regularly, comment often, subscribe to the RSS feed, social bookmark it, tell a friend about a post you enjoyed, drop me a nice email. Everything helps.

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