Enjoy the concert updates?

Hey, it’s your friend at Country California here. I send you those monthly concert emails. Hopefully you enjoy them and find them useful for keeping track of who will be performing where, and when.

I began offering the monthly emails last year because, as a country fan myself, I couldn’t find all this information collected in one place. Why wasn’t there a single listing to check?

Well, because…

  • Although we have many great concert venues here in Northern California, individual venues don’t usually publicize shows that they themselves are not hosting.
  • You can find concert details on artist websites, but you have to know which artists are coming around or be checking tour schedules all the time just in case.
  • Radio stations usually only talk about the huge amphitheatre/arena shows or smaller shows associated with their own station. There are many different and competing stations.
  • Ticketing websites list only the shows they sell tickets to, and there are several different ticketing websites. Some smaller venues don’t sell tickets online.

Basically, it was in nobody’s financial interest to create one comprehensive listing… so it didn’t happen. But without everything collected in one place, it was easy for fans to miss out. The sheer volume of live country shows happening in our neck of the woods virtually guaranteed it.

Anyway, I’m not sure where you imagine the emails coming from, but it’s actually just one guy (me) doing the legwork to compile dates and get each monthly listing out on time. This is not being offered or paid for by any particular radio station or show promoter or concert hall. Just a guy who likes knowing about his entertainment options and sharing the fruits of his labor with other fans.

Which is why I’m writing to you today with a simple appeal:

Since the idea is to spread information, the show listings are and will always be free. But if you enjoy them and find yourself catching shows you would have missed otherwise, I’d humbly ask that you consider donating a few bucks to support the site. If just half the people reading this tossed in the cost of one beer at a show, that would be a huge help in keeping the concert updates coming. By my reckoning, compiling a comparably thorough list of shows on your own would take you 3 to 4 hours per month, if you knew exactly where to look. So I don’t think the cost of one beer – as a one-time donation or on a recurring basis – is a huge or unreasonable request.

(And no, the money will not be SPENT on beer. I don’t drink.)

Here’s the link for anyone able to contribute, in whatever amount:

[PayPal link is now inactive. Please support via Patreon.]

Thanks for reading and subscribing. Here’s to many great shows ahead.