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Since 2009, Country California has been publishing satirical country music news articles modeled after those in The Onion.

In that time, we’ve broken – er, made up – major stories you won’t find anywhere else.

One popular series of fictionalized stories on the sometimes-criminal, always-drunk escapades of Martina McBride even begat a parody Twitter account with thousands of followers that has been called “hilarious” by plenty of folks, including the real Martina McBride.

We’ve also heard from people like The Tennessean’s Peter Cooper, who wrote that Fake News is

“… something like country music’s version of farcical newspaper The Onion, or like an all-country online cousin to The Daily Show.”

And the late Chris Neal of Country Weekly and M: Music and Musicians, who dubbed Country California

“… insightful and often wickedly funny…”

… on the merits of our earliest material, before we had published even a bit of Fake News!

Now, we’ve compiled a few favorite stories into a spiffy little Fake News e-book. Which we’d like to give to you, for free.

Country California Fake News PrimerReally, zero dollars. Nothing. Nada. Bupkis.

I know. It’s like we’re crazy people.

And yet, here they are. Eleven country news stories guaranteed to educate and entertain. Presented in one handsome, highly readable booklet that can be enjoyed on screens of any size or printed out for storage in the magazine rack by your toilet.

To claim your e-book, simply enter your email address below. We’ll send you an immediate download link, and we’ll also give you a free subscription to all our future content. Should you find the subscription not to your liking, you can opt out at any time – there’s a link at the bottom of every email – and still keep the e-book.

Once you see what we’re all about, we think you’ll want to stick around for more of our distinctive, quirky take on country music: weekly quote roundups, new music recommendations, interviews with questions not asked in every other interview, and other cool stuff you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re ready, your journey starts here.

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