Country California

Country music. Seriously.


Country California takes its editorial independence very seriously, which means:

  • We never publish press releases. Sometimes, we make fun of them.
  • No paid posts, ever. The only way to get featured is to be interesting.
  • We don’t invite country singers over to cook with us in our kitchen. They wouldn’t come if we did.
  • We keep ads to a bare minimum as a matter of course. Any ads or affiliate links present exist to offset the costs of running the site – usually, to recoup money already spent. Nobody is getting rich quick.
  • The fact that artists, labels, and publicists send us some music for free has no bearing on how that music gets written about on the site. In fact, we don’t even write about most of the stuff we receive. This is probably maddening to some publicists, but it allows us to reserve our words for stuff we feel strongly about one way or the other. The fact that someone spent a couple bucks to send something to us does not obligate us to spend hours figuring out how to write it up. But if we like it (or hate it), we might.
  • We can moderate (edit, delete, sanitize) your comments as much as we want – it’s our site, Bubba – but prefer to exercise this privilege as little as possible. Just keep things relatively clean and respectful and you’ll never have to worry about it.
  • Except where otherwise noted, Country California claims no rights to any images featured on the site. If you do own rights and want an image taken down, contact C.M. and he’ll happily oblige.

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