Country Stars Respond to Vern Gosdin’s Passing

News that country music legend Vern Gosdin passed away early Wednesday morning brought an outpouring of sorrow from some of Nashville’s biggest stars:

  • Just-ousted Dancing With the Stars contestant and “Stealing Cinderella” singer Chuck Wicks: “Wow man, that’s just sad. Uh, he was uh, he did that song about um, drinking right? He’ll definitely be missed!”
  • Julianne Hough, Chuck’s girlfriend/dance partner and a fellow country singer interjected: “No Chuck, he did the one about that jukebox thingie; I liked his mustache!”
  • Our reporter also bumped into Rascal Flatts lead singer Gary Levox at an area restaurant, and he had only positive things to say about Gosdin’s work: “I loved him on that show with his family and Marie and everybody. Such a talent; he was too young to die.”
  • The news hit “She’s Country” singer Jason Aldean especially hard. “Shoot!” he started, a tear in his eye. “He was awesome! He’s the neighbor that Ernest P. Worrell talked to in the window, right? And he always closed the window on Ernest’s fingers. That always cracked me up. So sad they’re both gone now.”
  • Up-and-coming duo The Carter Twins were sipping half-caf soy latt├ęs when asked their thoughts on Mr. Gosdin’s death. “We send our prayers and thoughts out to Vick’s family, for sure… he was a huge influence on… our uncle” said Zach or Josh.

Gosdin, a torchbearer for traditional country music who was affectionately referred to as “The Voice,” had many hits including “Set ‘em Up Joe” and “Chiseled in Stone.” As the news broke on Wednesday morning, all of Music Row observed a moment of silence in Gosdin’s honor before returning to their usual task of chipping away at the core of everything he stood for by marketing soulless ’80s pop/rock as modern country music.

Reported by “Trailer” Parkman of Farce the Music

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Things People Are Saying

  1. Chris N. says:

    Dude! No “LeVox”/”The Voice” joke?

  2. OTWG says:

    … LeVox then threw a grand, John Rich-esque hissy-fit when he found out that Gosdin had stolen his name and converted it to english.


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