Country DJ Pats Self on Back for Playing “Follow Your Arrow”


Kacey MusgravesSources report that Detroit air personality Charlie Chatterson has become insufferable since spinning Kacey Musgraves’ “Follow Your Arrow” for the first time on Friday.

“Ever since he played that song, it’s like he thinks he’s Hunter S. Thompson or Julian Assange or something,” complained one fellow broadcaster. “He’s always looking over his shoulder and talking about how he’s sure the higher-ups are conspiring to blacklist him, but doesn’t give a rip.”

“He says broadcasters can be outlaws, too. He started wearing a leather vest to work and calling coworkers ‘hoss.'”

Contacted by email, Chatterson explained.

“A lot of guys are content to toe the line, but I want to be all about discovering and supporting messages I think are important, even if they might be unpopular. Even if it means putting my ass on the line. I’ve had enough of playing it safe and business as usual,” he said of giving three minutes of airtime to a universally well-liked track by a pretty woman in her 20s who, with the backing of a major record company, personally came to his radio station and sang in his conference room for free.

“There are things in the song that will piss a lot of people off,” Chatterson added, referring to single lines in the lyric that express apolitical openmindedness toward marijuana use and same-sex relationships, increasingly non-issues for all but the most bigoted among us.

While the fallout from Chatterson’s brazen introduction of post-1950s social mores into the country mainstream remains unclear, many listeners were likely soothed when he followed up the “Follow Your Arrow” spin by playing nine consecutive songs in which a grown woman is condescendingly referred to as “girl” by a meatheaded man-child wearing stubble and a ball cap.

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