Country California Wants You


your helpCountry California is looking to add one or two contributors to its team.

Typically, joining a music blog means writing reviews. If you want to write reviews, there’s always stuff to review; I usually only get to a fraction of the material that comes in, so I won’t turn up my nose at a little help in that department. But since reviewing isn’t as much a focus here as it is on many other blogs, I’m just as interested in finding people with fresh new ideas and a willingness to collaborate on our existing stock of slightly off-kilter features (including many top secret ones that have yet to make their public debuts).

Want to write about country music history? Focus on a subgenre? Spotlight indie artists? Make up stories about country stars? Find new ways of poking fun at Chuck Wicks or Alison Bonaguro? Do something else entirely? I’m all for getting creative. Hit me with your wildest ideas.

Since there’s no prestige or monetary compensaton involved, there’s just one reason to be interested: you like the site and think you can bring something to the next phase of its development. If that’s the case, drop me an email (cmw at Let’s figure out if you’re a good fit for what’s happening here.

I hope to hear from you.

Don’t want to write, but do want to help?
Keep on reading, commenting and spreading the word. Those are the biggest things. Also, join up on Facebook: I’m going to start using that as a steering committee of sorts, posting two or three ideas at a time and running with whichever one gets the most ‘Like’ responses. Democracy in action. But you’ve got to be on Facebook to vote.


  1. Rick says

    Golly C.M. you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this! I have an idea for a feature that relates country artists and their songs to politics (specifically Obama) whether there is any real linkage or not! Or maybe not… (lol)

  2. AIkoujOi says

    I would like to see more fun being poked at Alison Bonagura, in fact I would love to see more fun being poked at her lol.

    How about a funny fake news story on Terri Clark,

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