Country California Headquarters Is Imperiled. Here’s How You Can Help (and Kill the Ads, Forever).

No AdsYou hate seeing ads. I hate showing them to you. But they’re sort of a necessary evil in terms of making the continued existence of the site possible over the long haul.

That doesn’t mean you have to see them, though.

Through the end of next week, you can ‘Turn Off the Ads’ by becoming an official Country California supporter with a one-time donation of at least $25. If you were to figure that as the cost of a yearly subscription (which it’s not), it would be just over $2 per month. So, if you get at least $2 worth of enjoyment or information out of the site on a monthly basis, we’d appreciate your consideration.

How will it work?

After I’ve received your donation via PayPal, I’ll create a unique username and password for you. As long as you remain logged into your account, you won’t see any ads other than those in the actual content of a post (e.g. Amazon links). All that slow-loading Google junk will be gone.

Any other perks?

Besides not having to see existing ads, you’ll also be immune to any future changes in advertising. If we decide to try new ads in different places around the site or fill up every available blank space with “shoot the monkey” ads, you won’t be bothered by those changes.

Your generosity will be recognized on a special Donors page, unless you’d prefer to remain anonymous.

There’s also the possibility of donor-only content as time goes on.

How long will I remain ad-free?

The intention is to continue the ad-free version for the life of the site. No further donations will be required.

Why now?

Here’s how small-time I am: As I’ve bounced around over the past three years, the permanent address I’ve used to receive mailings from artists and publicists is my Mom’s home address.

Well, times are tough everywhere. Drained financially and emotionally by persistent medical problems, Mom’s in danger of losing the house. If she’s forced to let it go at her current age, she’ll never own again. I’m not well-off enough to help her on my own, so this is my attempt to leverage whatever bit of a following I’ve gained here to help her turn the corner, while hopefully offering readers something of value.

If you’re able to contribute beyond $25, that’s obviously appreciated. If you can’t spare $25 but would like to contribute anyway, donations of any amount will be recognized on the Donors page.

Thanks for your readership and support. Back to making fun of Scotty McCreery soon.

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  1. Jeremy Dylan says:

    I recommend the ads free thing. And it feels good to give.

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