Chuck Wicks’ Boating Festival Concert a Memorable Affair

chuck_wicksCountry sensation Chuck Wicks headlined Grenada, Mississippi’s “Thunder on Water” safe boating festival this past weekend and it was quite the remarkable show, according to fans.

“That concert was hot!” said festival goer Jenny Wilkins. “I mean it was like 105 heat index, right? I sweated through my tube top.”

Greenwood resident Mitch Granger reported having a great time at the concert as well. “I was soooo wasted,” laughed Mitch. “Who was singing again?”

Obviously invigorated by the lively crowd and the first-rate plywood stage, Wicks pulled out all his hits, including the 2008 smash “Stealing Cinderella.”

“Love was in the air,” giggled Margaret Jackson. “There were two dogs totally humping during that dude’s song about fairy tales.”

“What a great crowd! They were so responsive, especially during ‘Stealing Cinderella,’ ” said Wicks, enjoying a post-show mani-pedi. “It was weird… there was all this cheering and pointing. They loved me.”

“It was awesome!” said Holcomb native Jesse Vazquez. “The fireworks show after Buck’s concert was the best one yet… and my flip phone video of those dogs screwing is already on YouTube.”

Reported by “Trailer” Parkman of Farce the Music


  1. Rick says

    I was in attendance at this triumphant affair Trailer. I have to admit that unexpected no-show Julianne Hough not showing up in a string bikini caused utter disillusionment among all of the straight male audience members that were sober enough to notice. All 2 of us that is…(lol)

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