Chris Stapleton’s Red Dress; Whitey Morgan Picks Favorites; CMA Fest TV Special Will Air August 4

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  1. RW Atcher says

    Okay, y’all, could we please either add new material to the email blast or take a day or so off if there is nothing new. This repeat content in your emails is getting old really fast. None of us really needs more email, especially when it contains stale content.


    • says

      Already troubleshot this privately with RW, but for everyone else:

      To those who were experiencing this issue, I apologize.

      A couple dozen people were signed up under both the old and new email systems, so they’d get posts as soon as they were published (new system) and again sometime the following morning (old system). I went through and unsubscribed all the duplicate addresses myself, so everyone should just be getting stuff once now.

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