Challenge: Say Something Nice About Rascal Flatts


They’re not exactly critical favorites, but they’ve been going strong for nearly a decade now. Their singles have been hitting the Top 10 pretty much continuously since 2000. All of their studio albums have gone multi-platinum. They’re one of country music’s biggest touring attractions. There must be something good about Rascal Flatts, even if their continued success baffles and occasionally infuriates me.

To keep it interesting, try to come up with a compliment that hasn’t already been used. If the conversation begins and ends with “teenage girls love them,” this won’t be very interesting. Early commenters will probably have it easiest; later commenters might have to be more creative. Let’s see how long we can keep it going.

Bonus points awarded for good backhanded compliments.


  1. countryuniverse says

    Well…we all know that Jo Don is self confident enough to show his bedonkadonk (spelling?).
    Self confidence is good… Right?
    I like “What Hurts The Most” too and even “Winner At A Losing Game”, which I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to like.:)

  2. Hollerin' Ben says

    They have made some of the best horrible, soulless, overblown, mindless pop country of the new millennium, esp “What hurts the most” and “these days”.

  3. Chris D. says

    Whenever I think the world of country music is amazing and that I love all of it, one listen to their music snaps me back to reality, which is usually good.

  4. Matt B says

    They recorded “Bless The Broken Road” and by doing so helped Marcus Hummon get a Grammy. I genuinely love “I’m Movin’ On.”

  5. Brody says

    Their “Bob That Head” song opened the door for a Billy Joe Shaver reference to blow jobs that’s always good for a hearty laugh. Thank you, Rascal Flatts.

  6. Anonymous says

    OK, if we haaaave to. The skinnier blonde guy is cute. I read that one of them is in demand as a producer. I have to admit that “SaraBeth” (Skin) made me cry on many a hormonal day.

  7. The Old Man and His Dog says

    Gary proves that you don’t have to sing well or look good to be successful in music. There’s hope for everyone of us to make it big.

  8. Chris N. says

    “It’s Not Supposed to Go Like That” gave me a good laugh. I don’t think it was supposed to, though.

  9. John Maglite says

    It takes major chutzpah (are you allowed to use Yiddish words in discussing country music… if you’re not Jewish?) to fashion yourself as teen pop stars playing to an audience of teenage girls when you’re actually well into your thirties.

  10. Gary's Rascal says

    It is the connection they make with there fans..they still do Meet & Greets when so many others have done away with them, its the way there music can touch every part of your life. Take a look at how many myspace, facebook pages are dedicated just to them..they are a great group, put on the best concerts around and Gary LeVox is HOT and NO I am not a teen, just a huge Rascal Flatts Fan who is looking foward to the next album they are currently working on

  11. Anonymous says

    When I see their interviews, I seriously think they are funny. I like a few of their songs, but not a fan of most of their music. My 8 and 6 year old girls think “they rock”. *cough*


  12. Bobby says

    Okay, here’re some:

    For someone who whines, squeaks and pro-tools his way through everything, Gary was smart to choose the Latin words for “The Voice” as his surname, because calling himself “The Good Voice” would’ve been one of the biggest lies in history.

    They also get bonus points for producing the song title that has probably produced the most X-rated jokes from their detractors.

    Jay DeMarcus did pretty well producing his brother-in-law James Otto’s album; it’s not nearly as glossy or sappy as Rascal Flatts’s material. But then again, Otto didn’t stoop to whining about how gratuitous, gory deaths aren’t supposed to go like that, bobbing one’s head every Friday night, or wanting to be taken down the same backroads his girlfriend’s been down, either.

    Rascal Flatts, in their early days, were compared to a boy band. But unlike other boy bands, two of the guys in Rascal Flatts at least know how to play an instrument, which means (gasp!) that they actually have an inkling of talent!

    • None yours! says

      Im Sorry but your a [redacted by editor]!! Gary sings better than any singer i know. Im a proud Rascal Flatts fan and im a faithful Garys girl!! all i gotta say is watch bud!

  13. Chris N. says

    Ooh, I just thought of something! Every year (including this coming Oct. 17) Rascal Flatts does an arena show in Nashville and donates all of the profits — not just “a portion” — to the local children’s hospital here. The amount has increased every year, and I think last year it was around $900,000. It’s a tremendous act of charity for a very worthwhile cause.

  14. Anonymous says

    They save their actual country songs for those who choose to buy the whole album, thereby rewarding consumers who defy music critics.

  15. cmw says

    And choose to keep their traditionalist leanings a secret as a way of proving that they’re cool enough to withstand critical scorn?

    Yeah, not buying it.

  16. Jenifer Ansley says

    All of you people saying negative things about Rascal Flatts should shut up. I am a HUGE fan,and a very proud fan club member.I’ve also met them 3 times,and they treat their fans with the utmost respect.I think a lot of people that say bad things about them are just jealous.Just take a look at the pop,rap,and rock artists these days.To say they suck would be an understatement.True,their are a few that are ok,but none of them can come close to having the talent that Gary,Jay,and Joe Don have.Rascal Flatts also have very protective,and devoted fans.LAY OFF MY GUYS!

  17. says

    .Just take a look at the pop,rap,and rock artists these days.
    Why just the modern ones? There’s a reason they have “classic rock” stations, you know. And don’t even get me started on all the good stuff from the subgenres like prog- and thrash-metal that you only hear on satellite. You need to broaden your horizons.

  18. says

    I liked “I’m Movin’ On” and I was astounded by “Winner At A Losing Game” which I loved. It reminded me of Ronnie Milsap or Lee Greenwood, and I dig that stuff. If they did more stuff like that, I would take back all the nasty things I’ve said about them.
    The video for “I’m Movin’ On” was retarded though, with Gary looking all sad while he drank Evian at soundcheck. Oops, I’m sorry. Nice things, Nice things…

  19. None yours! says

    Ok here i go :) Im a VERY huge Rascal Flatts fan. I’ve been a fan since 07. They’ve changed my life :) Im a Gary’s Girl. I love him SO much. I think he sings great (screw the people who say he doesnt. Your deaf) I think hes an awsome daddy. His babies are so lucky. They put on one hell of a concert. i’ve been to two so far. Im going to another one in Jan. Um they are the most appreative people i know. They love us fans So much. Oh and Gary LeVox is SO handsome and is not fat. So dont call my baby fat inless you want your assed kicked


  20. Heather says

    Oh man, I just have to comment even though this is an old thread. There is a reason Rascal Flatts have been around this long. If a band or singer sucks, it usually takes about 3 months for people to figure it out and they become a ‘one hit wonder’ or something like that.

    Rascal Flatts are the reason I got started with country music. First songs I ever heard was ‘fast cars and freedom’ and ‘Dry Country Girl’ and I fell in love with country music. Went to some RF concerts and they blew me away. Put on an amazing show with Gary sounding as good if not better in person. That guys voice flows and can go high/low with just the right amount of twang-enough so even country music haters will listen to it (my brother Mr.Rapper will even tolerate it). I can tell a great voice when I hear one and he has got an AMAZING voice!

    They play their own instruments and I’m telling you they are damn good at it too! Joe Don R. and Jay DeMarcus had a face off playing their guitars at one concert I went to and played ’till their fingers bled’.

    Their lyrics are country, plain and simple. I don’t see where the ‘soulless’ is coming in here. I see the lyrics and music (all country actually) as some of the last innocence in the music industry.

  21. ChurchsChicken says

    A good thing about Rascal Flatts is they fired Eric Church from their tour! Anyone who fires Eric Church is ok in my book. I hope they did it Donald Trump style, too.

  22. Paul W Dennis says

    They are not terrible. I’m not a fan, although they have had a few songs I really liked, but I don’t reach for the dial to change stations when one of their songs come on (which happens whenever Jason Aldean or Colt Ford get played

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