Chad Brock Announces Ham Radio Station Tour

1990s country sensation Chad Brock has a new album coming out in November or December (or possibly January) and has announced plans for an amateur radio station tour to promote the self-burned self-released CD.

Brock, the burly former wrestler and singer of such hits as “Yes!” and “Ordinary Life” expects to wind his way across the southeastern corner of Tennessee into Georgia and back, depending on sleeping arrangements at HAM operators’ homes and Greyhound routes in upcoming weeks.

Walter Koenigsberg of Dahlonega, GA, the third stop on the tour, says he’s excited to have a pro-wrestler spend the night at his trailer. “Having a guy on who was in the WCW is soo cool …and he was a country singer? Wow. This will be a lot different than what we usually talk about over the airwaves… like contrails and black helicopters and the Illuminati. It’s gonna be a killer rag-chew session!” said Koenigsberg, who goes by the vanity handle “Ycaripsnoc15″ [which appears to be "51Conspiracy" spelled backwards].

FNN could not reach Brock for an interview but his official Myspace page and Angelfire website both feature the following statement: “Chad is proud to announce the forthcoming release of my new album Don’t Call it a Comeback and a radio tour to promote it. Brock will be making appearances at stations across the southeast, performing old favorites and new classics. Check and your local operator message boards for dates, times and frequencies.”

Besides the album and radio tour, Brock is also in talks to open for Wade Hayes on next year’s Honky Tonk Tailgate tour’s third stage.

Reported by “Trailer” Parkman of Farce the Music. Find more satirical articles in the Fake News archive.

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  1. Ben Foster says:

    How on earth did a song like “Yes!” become recurrent on country radio? I would have to search far and wide to find a song that I was more indifferent to.

    • chadbrock says:

      you find indifferent because you are still going through puberty at 17 and you have never had nor will you ever have love, I have seen your pictures. When you grow up and experience life then try to become a critic. 3.5 million plays, I will take that son.

      • ChurchsChicken says:

        Does anyone know if this is “the” chad brock or if it is a poser. I like posers myself. But if it is the real chad brock I think this message of his should be publicized far and wide so that everyone knows that not only is Chad Brock a washed up country singer, he is also a jerk.

        • C.M. Wilcox says:

          I assumed poser at first, but it now appears this is almost certainly the real guy… which is why, with apologies to Ben, I’m allowing this latest comment to stand. If Chad Brock is actually this much of a jerk, the evidence should be preserved.

          • chadbrock says:

            Oh it is definately not a poser, it is I and when something is been played close to 4 million times on the radio it is a hit and I would say that if I didn’t write it or sing it. I chose to leave music because I choose my family over touring and if that makes me a jerk then I am the biggest on the planet. I despise little 17 year old think they know something about country music having one thing to say about my song or any song. When your voice changes and you go through life in 25 years then come back and think you know country music. I have more knowledge in my little pinky than you will ever have. So when you have a couple of no.1 records or write one that still pays me more than you make in a year 10 years later talk to me. Preserve This!!

            • C.M. Wilcox says:

              Here’s the thing though, Chad. All Ben said was that he’s indifferent to “Yes!” That’s obviously not the response you were hoping to evoke with the song – and it might not be a popular response, since a lot of people did like the song and it was a big hit – but it’s a perfectly acceptable individual reaction to a piece of music. Different people hear things differently. Can’t please everyone, you know?

              I don’t see where he said anything to prompt the very personal attacks you’ve been throwing his way, based pretty much exclusively on his youth.

              • Leeann Ward says:

                Amen, CMW. Amen. Your character is showing, Chad.

                • chadbrock says:

                  Trust me I know I will never ever come back and try to be a Star again, don’t want to because I would rather be a dad. But I despise someone who say’s oh I think I will be a critic and i am 17. Live life a few years understand what makes a hit, what does not make a hit. Don’t try to pick apart something when you don’t know anything. And when you are that age all you know is how to play Xbox. I have had real critics beat me up and I am fine, but a know it all kid kinda ticks me off. Say what you want I could care less about ever returning to the touring business, it is not all of what people think it is. I find your stuff funny and entertaining, I really do, but not some know it all kid who calls himself a critic.

      • Kevin says:

        Don’t hate on Ben Foster because of his age. It’s not his fault that he’s young enough to know it all.

        Anyway, there are so many better reasons to hate him. I’ve made a list:

        Top Five Reasons to Hate Ben Foster

        1. You said, “Yes!” He didn’t say “Wow!”
        2. You said, “When?” He said, “How about never?”
        3. He sits around making noise while lightning does all the work.
        4. He doesn’t miss his kids, his wife, or his ordinary life.
        5. He voted against putting a redneck in the white house.

  2. ChurchsChicken says:

    Don’t call it a Comeback is a perfect name for a Chad Brock CD. Maybe a washed up has-been like Gretchen Wilson or Sammy Kershaw can try to make a comeback, but a never-was can’t really come back to being a star if he wasn’t a star to begin with.

  3. Brocephus says:

    Aw shoot… Chad’s gonna be pissed.

  4. chad brock says:

    Wow this is funny

  5. Laurie Schwartzburg McClure says:

    For old time sake….. and my lack of newer technology …. I would like to suggest the first national CB tour ! Channel 16 would be a great place to start . If you can make it to southwest Michigan …… We will BUY a trailer that you can sleep in when you arrive :))))))) We have a pond and a swimming pool….. the pond would be good for you !

  6. Ben says:

    Hi Chad. I’m not sure what your rude and uncalled-for comments are meant to accomplish, but the simple truth is that I just don’t like your song. Congratulations on the four million radio spins, but I don’t care for it myself. My reasons for disliking it have nothing to do with whether or not I’ve ever been in love, as there are plenty of love songs that I do enjoy. But the fact is that when you release your music to the public, the public responds. Your work may very well meet with criticism, and yes, even young people such as myself may form and express their own opinions on it.

    So what’s the age limit for being a critic? Is it 25? 30? Who makes that determination, anyway? I may be young (though I’m 19, not 17) but I do have opinions. I chose become a “critic” simply because I love music, and I love to write. If you don’t like my work, that’s perfectly fine, but please judge it on its own terms. I don’t think it’s fair to dismiss it simply on the basis of my age.

    • chadbrock says:

      I will make this brief, I am old school country. You have not lived long enough and had enough life experience to be a critic for country music. When you have had life experiences that tear your heart out and bring you to the highest of highs in your life then be a critic of country music. Be a critic of Miley Cyrus and leave music you have not lived to the people who have. Not trying to be mean just telling you the truth. Listen to the Visit on my second album, which was a single. You don’t have the right to be a critic until you have lived this music , this is what is wrong with the format 19 year olds thinking they know country music.

      • Leeann Ward says:

        Old school country? Seriously? I’ve listened to your music and I don’t hear old school country in it at all. It fits right in with pop country. That’s fine, but don’t call yourself old school country and dismiss a young writer as someone who can’t understand music. That’s ridiculous.

      • Ben Milam says:

        “i’m old school country”. that’s the funniest thing ever said by a man wearing earrings. you know you can get really far in life by just not being a dick.

  7. chadbrock says:

    Leann before you open your mouth about me let me school you on something you probably don’t know about labels, You sign and they tell you exactly what to put out. Warner did that with me until I was tired of being told what kind of singer I am. I would have put out a tradional record if they would have let me, but they didn’t and I wanted to do it so bad that I did exactly what Jim ED Norman wanted until one day I woke up and said no more. I could care less about being a star, but I still have a problem with a kid trying to be a critic in country music, he has not lived enough. I have problems with all critics, and trust me you don’t hurt my feelings because I really don’t care what you think of me or my music, but you hurt other artist who are new and old, they don’t like to see someone shread them for their art. So yes I get mad when someone who kmnows nothing about country music wants to say something negative towards me. I have the right to come back and say what I want. Merry Christmas

    • Ben says:

      Chad, being a critic largely involves expressing one’s opinion. That means that anyone and everyone has the right to be a critic if they so choose, regardless of their age. What’s more, I am not going to stop blogging simply because you looked at a photo of me, and decided I was too young be a critic. You are in no position to decide whether or not I can call myself a critic, or to make blanket statements about my knowledge of county music. By the way, would I be getting this barrage of insults if my comment about “Yes!” had been positive?

      • chadbrock says:

        Ben You can do as you please because we live in a free country, but you have 0 life experience and that what angers me about you being 19 and thinking you have a clue about country music. I can’t stop you and I don’t want to to stop you.

    • Leeann Ward says:

      Classy guy.

      • chadbrock says:

        It is funny to me how you so called self proclaimed country music critics can say what ever you want to say but when you get called out that makes me a non classy guy. I am so glad that the only people in this world I truly care about impressing are my children, because you and Ben and the rest of the writing crew with not be around and my children will. Times they are a changing more than you know, music is changing and they way people get their music is changing. People are going to buy what they want because they enjoy it not because a so called music critic writes about it. You don’t have a clue about country fans and how they work. They are going to buy their favorite artist if they sang the ABC song, and go see them. It is called passion, and reading some of your blogs you lack that, oh look I am a critic now. SAD!!

        • Leeann Ward says:

          Hopefully, we’ll be around as long as your kids will…give or take 15 years or so.

          We have passion for good music. I’ll put my extensive music collection against yours any day.

        • Dan says:

          And it’s because times are changing that blogs are becoming ever more popular. Blogs aren’t about regular people posing as high-and-mighty critics, like you seem to think; they’re about word-of-mouth. They’re the internet equivalent of a trusted friend, which is still and will always be an important way that people – very much including country fans – figure out what music will appeal to them and what won’t.

  8. Stephen H. says:

    Chad, what are your views on Taylor Swift then? She started releasing music when she was 17, and she’s still only 21 now. Does that mean she doesn’t “have a clue about country music”? How about Leann Rimes when she released “Blue”? Or Tanya Tucker in the 1970s? You’re painting yourself into a corner by saying that someone who’s 19 has no idea what country music is about, because that means, by default, that generations worth of teenage country artists have performed a genre of music they don’t understand.

    • chadbrock says:

      Ok , lets look at who Taylor swift is and who she is marketing to. Tweens and teens. She writes with perfection on everything that relates to her age group, Brilliant. Tucker and Leann were different. Tucker sang songs that were adult driven only because the average age of a country singer back then was probably 40 plus and written for them. Leann sang about love and love lost tried to go pop but it did not work. But Taylor is brilliant and her label head Scott Borchetta is a monster of a marketing guy. We are not talking about the same thing here. Ben talking about what Taylor does I would get but going into life songs, love songs, heartache songs , drinking songs. There is my problem.

      • Stephen H. says:

        Yes, we are talking about the same thing here, especially with Tanya; as you mentioned she sang songs that were adult driven — songs that she had never experienced at that time. That is the same disconnect between life experience and subject matter that you are accusing Ben of, just in terms of a singer rather than a critic.

        Also, “Yes!”, the song this entire thread has spawned from, is by no means a song that a 19-year-old can’t understand, as there are plenty of 19-year-olds out there living in apartments. There are also plenty who end up meeting the person who becomes the love of their life at 19. It’s not like Ben had said he was indifferent to “Folsom Prison Blues” or something.

        • chadbrock says:

          You will never understand where I am coming from, so I will leave it here. A 19 year old has no place being a country music critic. But guess what opinions are like you know whats–Critics are jokes to me as it is because they think they know so much about someone’s art they make, I think they are all a bunch of idiots for attempting to interpret someones music. I have met one good one Robert K Ormann in Nashville. The rest have no business writing their own names. Done Here

  9. Leeann Ward says:

    And if I remember correctly, most people have commented on your song, which caused you to personally attack a blogger for his age…not his writing, but his age. The two don’t connect.

  10. Kevin says:

    Let’s assume that Chad’s right. A 19 year old has no business being a country music critic.

    I’m a 31 year old country music critic. Chad Brock, your music sucks.

    • chadbrock says:

      Not going to deny that at all, I guarantee you have quite the collection that I don’t have Leeann. I will never have the collection you have. But I was writing about the age of a music critic , not the comment I could care less who likes it and who doe not. Give me some living behind the comment and it might mean something.

    • chadbrock says:

      You my friend are an idiot, writing to be writing, have you had 2 number 1 records any top ten’s top twenties done anything with your music than just right about what you think you know. Have you played in 27 countries for our troops been nominated for an ACM sang on the opry 30 plus times had a song played 4 million times . Shut your freakin mouth before you make an ass out yourself Kevin. Do something with your life then you have the right to talk about mine you little dweeb!!

    • chadbrock says:

      OK I am laughing now, this has been fun ya’ll. As you can tell I could care less what you think about me or my music. You don’t sign my checks or make my mortgage payments, you just blog because you think you know country music. I worked hard to get where I got in Nashville and I was lucky to get where I got, few do and few stay. I chose to leave, I did not lose my deal, I ask out of my deal. I am extremely happy with my life my family and not having to ride down the road with 12 guy’s on a bus. I have listened to more songs in one year than you will listen in a lifetime trying to be a music critic. Nashville cares nothing for you because they don’t need you. they need radio and TV to move their product. Ya’ll are one article saying oh I like it or I don’t and people aren’t that stupid to buy something because some no name blogger writes about it. Good luck all and happy writing. And Kevin I would love to meet you someday to shake your hand, your stupid but brave. You started this bud.

  11. chadbrock says:

    Kevin by the way, all that education you have and the masters degrees and so on and so forth don’t mean a single thing when you sit down and write a number one song my friend, so call me when you do then you can say my music sucks, what kind of music have you done and where are your albums. So Smart guy tell me. I would love to write what I really feel about you know it all [email protected]#$ people but I am done here.

    Happy New year


    • Leeann Ward says:

      Kevin certainly doesn’t need defending, but what he does is specifically valuable. You should agree as somebody who loves your children as you do. And I’m not being flippant when I say that. I believe that we all come off harsher in writing/on these blogs than we are in real life. I’ll assume the same of you and hope that you will extend that grace as well.

      We can’t take back how we feel about your song, but I can say for myself that I can understand why you’d feel defensive. I just don’t think that you focused it well.

  12. Kevin says:

    That’s it. I’m calling up my ham radio programmer and telling him to never play Chad Brock again.

    • chadbrock says:

      That’s funny, the Hamm radio thing, my apologies to all for coming across as a mad man, but as you can tell I am very passionate about country music and the effect it has on everyone. It is a music that people live and breathe by. I have never seen anything like it. It effects people different ways, happy, sad and it can get you through a day when “cherry Pie” can’t. I have never sat idol and let anyone push me or my music around, it was and always be my art form. Just wait till I run for Senate and see how many punches I pull, and you probably think I am joking about that–not.



  13. Andrew says:

    Someone please tell me I’m not the only person who read Chad’s age-based criticism of Ben and imagined him ending by shouting, “And get off my lawn!”

  14. AikoujOi says:

    Chad I would like to point out Mathew Buck aka Film Brain, he’s not a country music critic but rather a movie critic but a critic nonetheless at age 19 the same age as Ben.

  15. Well this was a fun read, I really have trouble believing that it’s really Chad Brock but if it is…interesting I guess.

    I do gotta say I liked “Yes!” didn’t think it would go to the top or anything but I liked it well enough. What I find funny is how offended he got over a song that according to him the label forced him to sing. Also 20 year old here, pretty sure I’ve lived enough to understand country, and I know many younger than me who can as well, age has nothing to do with it. I also love how apparently Chad Brock knows what kind of life experiences Ben’s had.

  16. KatieR says:

    Wow….interesting. Gotta say, I don’t know who Chad Brock is. Probably heard the songs I suppose, but I can’t say I recall them at the moment. I’ll check youtube when I get off work.

  17. J.R. Journey says:

    I can’t believe I missed all this fun!

    Glad to see my fellow bloggers/counterfeit critics won the battle of wits and class here, though I never expected anything less.

  18. David Jones says:

    A really good song from Chad’s ‘Yes’ album (the title song of which I think is very good, btw) was one called ‘She Does’. I can’t believe that wasn’t singled off. It would have easily have been a Top Ten hit. It’s really catchy and has a good ‘flip’ on the title phrase. Go iTunes it if anyone hasn’t heard it.

    • chadbrock says:

      That’s was because of my lovely label Warner Brothers, check out “Hey Mister” and the duet between Mark Wills and myself, hit if I ever heard one , BUT WB BABY

  19. Chris N. says:

    I can assure you that these comments are very consistent with my own knowledge of Chad’s behavior. There’s a reason his name wasn’t mentioned in CW for several years.

  20. chad brock says:

    PLease for the love of God Chris N for the last time it is not Country and western–country thats it, just country, the reason you have not heard my name is I spent the last 5 yrs in radio and being a father not caring anything about the the artist thing. I had my run it was fun but their are a lot of things to do in the business of music than you think. I feel honored to be in an elite group of singers that had number 1 records. Can’t take that from me.

    • Andrew says:

      Chris was referring to the fact that he used to write for Country Weekly.

      • Chris N. says:

        Please for the love of god, Chad, I’m referring to Country Weekly, where I worked for nine years. You treated one of our contest winners like crap, which made it very difficult to care much about giving you any ink from then on.

  21. ChurchsChicken says:

    I gotta assume that by CW, Chris N was referring to the magazine “Country Weekly,” and not to the phrase “Country and Western.”


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