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  • You’re On My Turf Now, Shelburne

    August 27, 2008 | Categories: Concert Reviews, Link Roundups | Discussion: 0 comments

    As the title of this blog (Country, California) implies, geography is of some importance to me. That’s not to say that this blog is about California; it isn’t. But it is written from northern California, an area whose peripheral status - to Nashville, to Texas, and even to the hipper Los Angeles scene [...]

  • Concert Review: Dolly Parton at ARCO on 8/4/08

    August 6, 2008 | Categories: Concert Reviews | Discussion: 3 comments

    I saw Dolly Parton live in concert last night. Well, I guess it was her. From my lower-level seat halfway between the stage and the rafters at Sacramento’s ARCO Arena, what I actually saw was a blond wig atop a tiny, expressive, top-heavy body. I never did get to see the face. [...]