Whitey Morgan Has “Waymore’s Blues”


If this doesn't get you hankering for upcoming album Sonic Ranch (out May 19), I don't know what will: Whitey Morgan and the gang covering Waylon during some downtime at the studio. http://youtu.be/5VrDvHeh9sA Per the track list, "Waymore's Blues" isn't on Sonic Ranch. Rolling Stone has the music video for the project's lead single, a cover of Townes Van Zandt's "Waiting 'Round to Die." … [Read more...]

All Hail Whitey Shafer!

Whitey Shafer

Sanger D. "Whitey" Shafer might be a name you've only encountered in liner notes, but the running buddy of the late Lefty Frizzell and writer of hits for Merle Haggard, Keith Whitley, George Strait, and many others is a remarkable singer in his own right. A 1989 inductee into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, Shafer celebrated his 80th birthday last year. The latest news online is that he was in a Nashville hospital "with acute respiratory distress along with pneumonia" early last … [Read more...]

Rest in peace, Little Jimmy Dickens


Little Jimmy Dickens passed away Friday at age 94. I just came upon this West Virginia Public Broadcasting sit-down with him from 2007, when he was being inducted into the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame. For those who knew him primarily as a merry Opry showman, this rare chance to see Dickens speak seriously, at some length, about his life and career might give a better sense of who he was as a person. The Tennessean has a nice, thorough, Peter Cooper-penned obit with even more … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas!

christmas-stocking (Custom)

As a musical stocking stuffer, here's a song you've heard from an artist you probably haven't. It's a cover of Willie Nelson's "Pretty Paper" by California singer-songwriter George Miguel, produced by and featuring the guitar work of Dwight Yoakam Sound architect Pete Anderson. "Pretty Paper" and George Miguel's new album California are both available at Amazon. http://youtu.be/0Fqe2G1U-Vc Also: For the next few days, you can get 3 months of Spotify Premium for $0.99. Good for … [Read more...]

Billy Joe Shaver and Willie Nelson on Letterman

Last night, Billy Joe Shaver and Willie Nelson sang "Hard to Be an Outlaw" on The Late Show with David Letterman. The song is from their albums Long in the Tooth and Band of Brothers... though if you're looking to get just this duet, it appears your cheapest option is the digital single. http://youtu.be/1cAFyMtEFNg … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just in the nick of time, the artful music video for "What We Ain't Got," featuring Jake Owen, songwriter Travis Meadows, and other people whose stories become more clear as the video progresses. Like the song itself, it's understated soul-searching done dang near perfectly. (By the way, "We all want what we ain't got" is also a good rejoinder to use if someone gets mad at you for taking the last of the mashed potatoes.) http://youtu.be/GGQmKA15VCk If you act quickly, you can also grab … [Read more...]