The Secret Ingredient: Jim Lauderdale Songs


Because recent viewings still have Jeremy Dylan's fine The King of Broken Hearts documentary (official trailer here) top of mind for me, here are mainstream country's three most prolific recorders of Jim Lauderdale songs along with a comprehensive-ish listing of the songs they've cut. Further down, you'll find a Spotify playlist that includes all these tracks and a few more. Maybe consider this your King of Broken Hearts pre-game. Or pre-pre-game, since you'll almost certainly want to … [Read more...]

Take a Leap: 16 Songs for Personal Revolution

You'll have to forgive me this brief motivational aside. If you were brave enough to make any New Year's Resolution at all this year, chances are good that you're already well off-course by now. The good news? Change doesn't happen on January 1. Whatever your goals and aspirations, it's never too late to start turning things around by making just one or two different choices every day. Little changes snowball, new habits and relationships are formed, and big things happen. This Leap Day is … [Read more...]

Dollars and Cents: A Playlist

In country music, it's less about the Benjamins (baby), more about having just enough in small bills and change to get by. If you manage to pay your bills and keep five dollars in hand for a wild Saturday night, you're living large. When a guy dies owing you 40 bucks, it throws off your financial plan for the whole year. Here are some of our favorite country songs about money matters. 1. Wynn Stewart - Another Day, Another Dollar 2. Chris Knight - Another Dollar 3. Tom T. Hall - Ballad … [Read more...]

Ride With Country California: A Playlist


It's one thing to recommend a song, but quite another to listen to it day in and day out while dodging pedestrians and getting cut off in rush hour traffic. Only the most hardy, aurally pleasing compositions can stand up to that kind of abuse and frustration. Not sure where you'd find songs like that? Fear not, friend: we've got you covered. Here's the soul-soothing mix that's been spinning in the Country California hot rod (slash mid-90s sedan) over the past several weeks. It hasn't failed … [Read more...]

A Playlist by C.M. Wilcox’s Mom

vinyl-record (Custom)

Rather than make yet another Mother's Day list of mama songs, I figured it would be cool to spotlight the impeccable music taste of my mama by publishing a list of some of her favorite songs. To give you a sense of the trusting relationship we share, her first response on hearing that I wanted a list of some of her favorites was "You're going to make fun of me, aren't you?!" Well, no. And if you make fun of her, that'll be grounds for dismissal from the site because, come on, it's Mom. … [Read more...]

Lonely Guys in Empty Houses (Playlist)

If your darlin' dumped you and you've sequestered yourself inside the home you once shared to wallow in your misery, you are in luck. Uh, maybe I should rephrase that. The whole getting dumped and your life being in shambles thing isn't lucky (sorry about all that stuff), but it is lucky that you've happened upon this list of songs about folks in just your situation. Isn't it nice to know that country music has your back? This began as an outlandish idea for a list of songs and turned into … [Read more...]

Highway Songs (Playlist)

We haven't done a playlist in a while, and I wanted to make one of those neat Amazon players that all the cool kids are using these days, so here's a list of highway songs (i.e. songs that actually have "highway" in the title) for your infotainment. Give it a look/listen and feel free to make your own additions in the Comments section. Amarillo Highway - Robert Earl Keen Give Me the Highway - Vince Gill and The Del McCoury Band Heartaches and Highways - Rodney Hayden Heartbreak Highway … [Read more...]