CMA Awards 2014 Show Notes

48th annual cma awards

Here are some assorted notes on last night's 48th Annual Country Music Association Awards. Feel free to chime in with your own observations or highlights in the comments. Carrie and Brad Underwood and Paisley can usually be counted on to keep it pleasantly toothless, but they were on point with the feigned puzzlement at George Strait's continued presence (hadn't the cowboy ridden away?) and, especially, the line "Luke Bryan would be happy to buy you a faster horse." A reference to griping in … [Read more...]

2012 CMA Awards: Show Notes

2012 CMA Awards

Although I wasn't online to live blog last night's awards show, I did go old school by jotting down some notes while I watched. Here's my 2012 CMA Awards notebook dump. Luke Bryan in leather jacket, Eric Church in trucker cap and shades, Jason Aldean in plaid shirt and straw hat. They look like a faux-outlaw version of the Village People. Carrie and Brad's opening includes a "Moves Like Jagger" parody (Martina looks bored) and a "Gangnam Style" dance. Just in case anyone was concerned … [Read more...]

2011 CMA Awards Predictions

CMA banner

When it comes to making CMA Awards predictions, we have an unfair advantage: we can stick our neck out there in ways other sites can't because we don't actually care if we're right or wrong. Call it the competitive advantage of irreverence. To see how many of our CMA Awards predictions come true, follow along as our friends at Engine 145 and Country Universe live blog the show tonight. During the "Footloose" opening, Blake Shelton and Kenny Loggins forgo professional back-up dancers, … [Read more...]

2009 CMA Awards Live Blog: Pacific Edition

Also known as "the grand experiment," it's a potluck-style live blog in which the host himself will not actually be watching the show. Yep, pretty much a trainwreck waiting to happen. That was the original description, but what began as a not-so-promising solo live blog attempt was ultimately saved by the surprise participation of several luminaries of the "angering Carrie Underwood fans online" world, including Matt Bjorke (Roughstock), Leeann (Country Universe), Dan (Country Universe), … [Read more...]

CMA Awards: What Do You Say, West Coast?

cma awards

I like giving those out on the West Coast something to do during the show, but it's unclear if I'll actually be able to watch the live broadcast this time around. I'd still be up for hosting a live blog/chat and offering quips on the show I'm not seeing, as well as general comments on the meaning of life. Perhaps one or two people who will definitely be watching the show (in this time zone) would like to try their hand at live commentary? It's easy, I promise. Let me know if you want to give … [Read more...]

TTTMS #8: CMA Awards Fever

Things That Threaten My Sanity: CMA Awards FeverIt seems like I've been hearing about the CMA Awards nonstop since the nominees were announced two months ago. Predictions, editorials, and history lessons were all good fun, but at a certain point it got to be too much. The awards season, like the election season, wore on too long. I was burnt out weeks ago. Unlike the election season, the end result was not change or the making of history; in this show, the winners were the safe bets. It was like … [Read more...]

2008 CMA Awards Live Blog (Pacific Edition)

Welcome to the 2008 CMA Awards Live Blog (Pacific Edition): Less Popular and Three Hours Late. Since live blogs are already underway elsewhere, I'm cordoning myself off and not checking any other sites for the rest of the night. If you'll be following along and want to review the list of nominees without stumbling across any spoilers, I've temporarily posted it here: 2008 CMA Awards NomineesI'll be back just before 8pm Pacific Time to get this party started.7:49 - Eleven minutes until showtime. … [Read more...]