202 More Greatest Tweets of Drunken Martina

Best of Drunken Martina

We first rounded up the greatest tweets of Drunken Martina three years ago, and the rabble-rousing Twitter parody account has been awfully busy since the first year covered by that first compilation. Here's a generous sampling of what Drunken Martina has been up to since 2011.* Some girl on American Idol did one of my songs. I didn't even recognize it without the slurred words and ad-libbed profanities. This year's fan club party will be held inside my liquor cabinet. Too tall to fit in … [Read more...]

ACME Official State-of-the-Art Country Music Radio Predictive Song Popularity Quiz


Here's a funny thing sent in by Ken Morton Jr. some time ago. Never could quite get the point scale to work exactly as hoped for all the sample songs I tested... but the fact that I even tried probably means I was taking the joke too seriously. Thanks for the fun read, Ken! Are you a current country radio programmer who has just received a new song and don’t know whether it will be popular with your listeners? Let the ACME Official State-of-the-Art Country Music Radio Predictive Song … [Read more...]

Country Music Mailbag: Fall 2012

In this special fall edition of Mailbag, friend of the site Andrew Lacy helps me tackle some of the most pressing questions in country music today. Thanks, Andrew! All questions are sourced from actual search engine queries. What's the album with Randy Travis and Dolly Parton together? Silicone & Scotch. -AL Who's the 82-year-old with the chronic upper respiratory infection? Did you hear him on an Americana station? It could be Ryan Bingham. Who sings the background vocals on Kenny … [Read more...]

Country Music Mailbag: Spring 2012

In the tradition of The 9513's Mailbag feature, we tackle some of the real questions submitted by Country California's search engine visitors since our last installment. What are the stupidest things said by rich people? "In the real world they're shutting Detroit down/While the boss man gets his bonus pay and jets on out of town..." How much would a Chris Cagle autograph be worth? The value of whatever it's on, less 15-20%. How should I dress for a country concert? Opinions will … [Read more...]

Country Music Mailbag: February 2012

One of the ideas that came out of my correspondence with various readers following this post from a couple weeks ago was that of reviving the old The 9513 Mailbag feature, which always struck me as one of the more Country California-y things happening at that site in its heyday. So, we'll give it a shot. Here's the first batch of reader questions, all based on actual searches leading to this site in the past several weeks. It's a little different attempting it as a one-man show, so perhaps … [Read more...]

2011 CMA Awards Predictions

CMA banner

When it comes to making CMA Awards predictions, we have an unfair advantage: we can stick our neck out there in ways other sites can't because we don't actually care if we're right or wrong. Call it the competitive advantage of irreverence. To see how many of our CMA Awards predictions come true, follow along as our friends at Engine 145 and Country Universe live blog the show tonight. During the "Footloose" opening, Blake Shelton and Kenny Loggins forgo professional back-up dancers, … [Read more...]

Country California Interviews Shania Twain

We recently sat down with Shania Twain for a revealing discussion concerning chronic constipation, Dungeons and Dragons, and the woman she admires. You can listen in on our chat through the Youtube player below. * Some of Shania's responses have been edited for length and/or content... oh, and all the questions were changed. And we probably didn't actually speak to her. But other than that, this is exactly how it went down. … [Read more...]