Carrie Underwood Goes Vegan; Justin Moore Is a Floater; Chris Thile/Michael Daves Album on Sale at Amazon

  • Chris Thile and Michael Daves’ Sleep With One Eye Open, one of my favorite albums of last month, is available for $3.99 from Amazon MP3 today.
  • While you’re there, grab a free download of “You Can Bet I’m Gone” off of the new Joe Ely album.
  • The Post Crescent‘s Mike Thiel spoke with Eric Church about why he’s nicknamed Chief, why he wears a hat and sunglasses onstage, and whether he thinks “Homeboy” could be considered a racist song.
  • Chatting with Craig Shelburne for CMT, Ronnie Dunn is in no hurry to supersize his solo career:

    Have you considered headlining or maybe taking a middle slot on a big tour?
    No, I don’t think I’ll do any of that. I think I’ll stay in smaller venues — just for fun for a while. I really do. It’s different now that I’m up there by myself. I’m able to slow down and set the pace and talk back and forth with the crowd. It’s a blast.

  • Taylor Swift ($45 million) and Carrie Underwood ($15 million) both made Forbes’ list of The Best-Paid Celebrities Under 30.
  • One thing Underwood isn’t spending her money on: dairy. The singer recently revealed that she has made the leap from vegetarian to vegan. Next up, nixing food altogether.
  • Ahead of his album release on Tuesday, Justin Moore will conduct six hours of press interviews from a bass boat in the middle of the lake at New York City’s Central Park on Monday. Err, okay.
  • Farce the Music on Kristin Chenoweth’s “I Want Somebody (Bitch About).”

    From the first word out of her mouth, you know the next three minutes won’t better your life experience. By midway through the first verse (if you’re still around), you’re convinced you can write a better song with the local Montgomery Gentry cover band. By the chorus, you’re feeling a growing sense that your organs are banding together to overthrow your mind for letting things go this far. By the end of the chorus, you’re ready to jump into a Slayer mosh pit and leave the whole adrenaline and whiskey charged bunch lying in a pool of their own blood and broken limbs. If you make it to the end, you hate your ears. Or you’re a blogger.

  • Via That Nashville Sound, Joe Nichols and Australian country artist Jasmine Rae duet.

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  1. Ben says:

    FTM sure hit the nail on the head with that K-Chen tune. Yes, I made it to the end. And yes, I’m a blogger.

  2. Wow, no wonder Carrie Underwood’s music has no meat to it…

  3. Rick says:

    I DVR’d last week’s finale of “Next CMT Superstar” and was glad I did so I could fast forward through Kristin Chenoweth’s performance segment. I lasted through about two seconds and then jumped on the remote control. I think at moderate volumes Kristin’s singing could replace heat guns to remove old paint from stubborn surfaces…

    Joe Nichols and Jasmine Rae totally butcher a great song there! Check out the music video of the exceedingly powerful original version that failed to chart at AirHead Country radio back around 1995:

    Gosh, nothing Carrie Underwear ever says or does fails to bore me to tears! Carrie claims to be a strong Christian now to meet her new hubby’s expectations. Hey Carrie Jesus, didn’t feed the assembled multitude with loaves of bread and tofu burgers. Just pathetic….

  4. Leeann Ward says:

    Love that Chris Thile/Michael Daves album. It’s simple and good.

  5. Jeremy Dylan says:

    That Fake News article about Taylor Swift bailing out the US economy seems more and more plausible every day.

    Rick, while I disagree with you about the merits of the Rae/Nichols version (which just went #1 here), thanks for posting the clip for the Amber Dotson version (which I hadn’t seen).

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