Bucky Covington Injured in Orange Juice Mishap


The delicious, refreshing culprit

Former American Idol contestant and popular country singer Bucky Covington sustained a broken wrist and several cuts and bruises in a Saturday morning kitchen mishap. The cause of the accident was said to be negligent directions on a carton of orange juice.

His agent, James Tenay, almost seeming to choke back a giggle despite the seriousness of the situation, said Bucky had just poured a bowl of Captain Crunch and was about to fix himself a glass of cold pulp-free when the tragedy occurred. “The carton’s directions instructed Mr. Covington to ‘Serve Cold,’ and he complied, but it also called for something far riskier” explained Mr. Tenay, his eyes looking a bit misty. When Covington read the next line – ‘Shake Well’ – he proceeded to do as it said, bouncing and convulsing wildly about the linoleum floor. This caused the carton to slip from his hand, spilling orange juice onto the floor and his bare feet. Covington slipped and broke his wrist while bracing himself against the impact.

“This is just unacceptable and we’ll be speaking with counsel about possibly bringing a lawsuit against Tropicana” Tenay said, stifling another inappropriate laugh. “How many more injuries or even deaths will it take to end this egregious misinformation?”

Covington strained his other arm in a similar accident last year when his shampoo label irresponsibly told him to “Rinse, Repeat.” Legal action against Head and Shoulders was called off early on.

Reported by “Trailer” Parkman of Farce the Music

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  1. judge says:

    I had to giggle. I knew this was FAKE NEWS, because Bucky has a butler that caters to his every need. Now if you would have written “Bucky’s butler, Fritz” then the story would have carried much more weight. Correction on the so called shampoo incident. it was not head and shoulders the correct name of the shampoo “Every woman wants my hair” with instant condition that adds shine and volume. Thanks for putting Bucky Covington’s name out there…it is a form of flattery!

  2. OJ says:

    “‘Shake Well’ – he proceeded to do as it said, bouncing and convulsing wildly about the linoleum floor.”


    I’ve seen this move in concert and it get’s me shaken up every time!!

    Thanks for this post….got quite a laugh!!

  3. Happydays says:

    I just love Bucky’s shaking… he does it so well!

  4. KerriKgator says:

    I LOVE any news on Mr. Bucky Covington! Thanks so much to CW (Yes, I know who you are!) for putting Bucky’s name out there..again!!!!

    • C.M. Wilcox says:

      I know who I am too, but this piece was contributed by Trailer, so all credit should go to him.

      It sure didn’t take long for the Bucky fans to find this. Pretty impressive response time.

  5. Cado says:

    LOL Ok, that was just funny! Got a real giggle out of this.

  6. Trailer says:

    Hilarity ensued.

  7. judge says:

    Impressive response time

    We Bucky fans don’t fool around!

  8. Leeann Ward says:

    Bucky’s probably on their “google Alert” thingy. I’ve never quite figured out how to set that up, though I haven’t tried very hard either.

    • judge says:

      I do have google alert set up for Bucky however this time this blog was caught through one of the other alerts I have. SO many alerts, so little time! .

    • KgatorKerri says:

      That’s ok Leanne, everyone knows how “sharp” you are!

  9. Leeann Ward says:

    Oh yeah, I think it’s hillarious that you’ve brought Trailer on with you. Fun, fun, fun!

    • C.M. Wilcox says:

      Trailer has been a big help with this series almost from the beginning. Now that he has the Bucky endorsement (they call it the Bucky Bump, which also sounds like the name of a dance craze sweeping the nation), I should probably give him a raise.

  10. Rachel68005 says:

    This is just too funny! Love it! Thanks for choosing Bucky as your topic. It’s nice to have his name in the news while we are waiting for his new single to be released. The new single is called, “I Want My Life Back” and it will be out around the first part of April with a brand new album to follow some time in June. Thanks again!!

  11. Bell says:

    Oh my sides hurt from laughing to hard!!! Great piece, thanks for using Bucky for it!!

  12. Rachel says:

    Pretty funny! I got a chuckle out of it.

  13. Icyfire says:

    Too funny!!! Thanks for the “news”…LOL!!!!!!!!!! :)

  14. princess97 says:

    I was actually picturing Bucky doing his shaking dance man I love that when he does that I call it his sexy dance.Man thanks for that Bucky visual when we all miss him so much and cant wait to see him again.

  15. Chris D. says:

    I hate Bucky Covngton. I’m glad there won’t be a “country” artist on AI this season- they always end up being disappointing.

  16. Buckyfan65 says:

    Yes, that was a funny story. I have been to several of Bucky’s shows, and its a good thing he does not perform with an open carton of orange juice in his hand, or there would be orange juice all over the stage. LOL!!! Seriously, Bucky is a great performer, and a very friendly person. I have met him several times at his meet and greets. He is #1 in my book.

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