Brennen Leigh Is “Travelin’ On”

Brennen Leigh has an absolute peach of an album in The Box, reviewed here and here and hopefully eventually here at Country California as well. Not this week, though: I’m on the road. Luckily, much like the iPhone with its App Store, Brennen has a song for that. Here’s “Travelin’ On” from The Box.

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  1. says

    I suddenly have an urge to complain once again about how country radio only wants to play the crappy country songs, ignoring the best ones. But we’ve all said that a million times before.

  2. Rick says

    I’m glad Brennen’s new album is getting such positive reviews from sites such as this, The 9513, and My Kind of Country where good quality music is recognized and appreciated. Being a “critics darling” may not sell many albums among the folks who have never heard Brennen’s music, but all the positive PR sure can’t hurt! Good job C.M.!

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