Brad Paisley’s New Album All Songs About Songs

FNN has learned that Brad Paisley’s upcoming album release, This Is Country Music, features 12 new songs, all of them about songs.

His first single, “This Is Country Music,” deftly describes the reasons country music is in the state it is today resonates so deeply with its audience, while “Old Alabama” reminisces about good times had while listening to Alabama songs.

The third single is tentatively scheduled to be “Jesus Take The Wheel,” which is about Carrie Underwood’s song of the same title. In it, Paisley relates how much that song meant to him personally and how his wife heard the song when she was nearly in a car accident on the way to an audition for a new Martin Lawrence sitcom.

Other tracks on the release include “Play Me Hank Jr., Junior,” “Tucker’d Out” and “Kid Rock’s ‘All Summer Long.’” The latter features Kid Rock on a verse, giving his appreciation to Brad for the shout-out and for solidifying “All Summer Long” as a yearly recurrent from May through August.

The centerpiece of This Is Country Music is undoubtedly “The Song You’re Listening To.” It recounts, moment by moment, how you–the listener–are feeling as you hear the verses and chorus of that very song itself. In an era of immediate feedback, this is as meta as it gets.

It’s clear that Brad Paisley has his dexterous finger on the pulse of country and popular culture, and This Is Country Music will set the bar for observational skill and synopsis.

At press time, Brad was hard at work looking back nostalgically on the days when he had new ideas for songs.

Reported by “Trailer” Parkman of Farce the Music. Find more satirical articles in the Fake News archive.

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  1. Ben says:

    We’ll just have to wait until the album release to find out if this news article really is “Fake.”

  2. C.M. Wilcox says:

    Love this one.

  3. jodie says:

    looking forward to this album came to see you at shepherds bush last june and got tickets for the O2 in august cant wait but i hope you see the real english this time getting up and dancing cos i was embarresed for us at shepherds bush ! apart from thoses standing every one was siting down and i soooooo wanted to get up and dance but didnt think the people behind me would apprieciate it this time though im gong for it love you brad ps can i get up on stage and sing with you my names jodie constable and i love you x x xx xx

  4. J.R. Journey says:

    Not a wasted word. Love it as well.

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