Quotable Country – 10/05/14 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the source. 'Download' and 'stream' are different animals. If you download and pay, it's the same as buying a record. If you stream, it's just dressed-up piracy. ● --- Rosanne Cash isn't a fan of Spotify and Pandora. One day I was delivering the magazine and I was pushing this dolly of bundles of issues, and James Taylor was on the cover. I was going down the street and who turns the corner and walks by but James Taylor? So I pulled an issue out … [Read more...]

Race you to the bottom.

(A little long-winded, so feel free to skip to the end for the gist of it.) If you want to have any hope of making a buck in online publishing, you need hits. You don't need hits because they equate to influence (not necessarily so) or because they accurately reflect the quality of your content (they don't, as proven by the rise of the viral list as default content form). You need hits because that's what advertisers care about. You need enough eyeballs looking at your page to make some … [Read more...]

October 2014 Show Calendar

From our Northern California Concert Calendar, a listing of shows for the month ahead. If you have friends in the area, be sure to have them subscribe to receive our monthly roundups by email. Don't forget that you can always check the calendar on our site to see shows further out and get your tickets in advance. Believe it or not, we already have details on shows through April of 2015. 10/01/14 - Emmylou Harris - Gallo Center for the Arts - Modesto, CA 10/01/14 - Gordon Lightfoot - … [Read more...]

Quotable Country – 09/28/14 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the source. See Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr’s Most Adorable Moments [Pictures] ● --- Way to go, Taste of Country. I expected nothing less. Or more. The Country Rebel-Meter: From Mild (Blake Shelton!) to Wild (Yes, You, Jason Aldean) ● --- Billboard came up with a Rebel-Meter worthy of Taste of Country. Indeed, there was little fresh in Thursday’s nearly sold-out show. Many in the 20,000-something crowd got drunk and sloppy, the electric … [Read more...]

Jason Aldean Is Finally Happy, Really He Is

Jason Aldean headshot

Jason Aldean is finally living a fulfilled and joyous life and will assault you viciously if you don't like it, according to a recent interview with the popular Face the Country blog. Though most of the questions asked were softballs, Aldean managed to insert his aggressively petulant views on life, music, and privacy into most every response. Find an excerpted portion of the full Q&A below. Face the Country: Jason, your new single "Burnin' It Down" is just hot! Like, how'd you decide to … [Read more...]

Quotable Country – 09/21/14 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the source. I was always on the fence. I was trying to maintain the integrity of country music and also fit into the commercial world. You want everything you do to be a big hit, but how bad do you want it? What are you willing to do? Where are you willing to bend? ● --- Lee Ann Womack to Peter Cooper, in an article that also sees Cooper pointing out the 4+ year gap since someone hit No. 1 on the country chart with a song that wasn't co-written. … [Read more...]