Quotable Country – 04/13/14 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the source. I love country music. It [wasn't] really a young person's music, when I grew up listening to it. There are some people you're just not meant to understand when you're 17 years old. You're not supposed to understand George Jones records. You're not really supposed to get a Haggard album at that age. You have to have your heart broken to understand George Jones. ‚óŹ - - Dierks Bentley to Jewly Hight for The Bluegrass Situation. He said, … [Read more...]

Jesse Winchester’s Country Legacy


Rolling Stone reports that singer-songwriter Jesse Winchester succumbed to bladder cancer Friday morning at the age of 69. He had recently completed work on a new album with Mac McAnally. Even if you've had the misfortune of never encountering any of Winchester's own recordings, you are very likely already familiar with his work. By the time the tribute album Quiet About It: A Tribute to Jesse Winchester arrived in 2012, the one-time draft dodger's impressive songbook had already been mined … [Read more...]

Backtrack: Bradley Gaskin, “Mr. Bartender”

Bradley Gaskin

Originally published at The 9513 in March 2011. Gaskin's only release to date is the digital Bradley Gaskin EP featuring this and three other songs. He was dropped by his label in 2012. Here's the backstory as I imagine it. Sensing radio's inborn prejudice against gray hair, Travis Tritt hires some kid from Alabama to be the face of his new music in a homegrown Milli Vanilli-style stunt. The details of this arrangement aren't revealed until several months (or years!) later, by which time … [Read more...]

Merle Haggard Receives the Crystal Milestone Award

Here's the full Merle Haggard segment from the 2014 ACM Awards. It features Garth Brooks, George Strait singing "I'm a Lonesome Fugitive," Miranda Lambert singing "The Bottle Let Me Down," the "Happy Birthday" serenade, and a few quick words from Merle. The YouTube account that posted it, cmntexas, also has high-quality video of most of the show's other performances and highlights, though it's unclear how long any of this stuff will stay up. Of course, it'd be nice if there were some … [Read more...]

2014 ACM Awards Recap

acm 2014

Composed from memory and scant notes in the wee hours of the morning after, so don't be shy about mentioning any corrections or important moments I missed. Blake and Luke The show's script was mostly toothless and forgettable, which sort of has to be the case when the hosts themselves exemplify much of what's ripe for mockery in contemporary country music. Can't exactly have Luke Bryan delivering pointed jabs at bro-country tropes, can we? The Merle-Cam From his first stone-faced … [Read more...]