Quotable Country – 06/20/11 Edition

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The music is witnessed through great speakers in a dark room where everyone’s attention is focused. My latest record (This Is Country Music), heaven forbid, I have a feeling that 50% of the people hearing it are listening on laptops. Might as well not hire a bass player if you’re not going to hear them.
- – Brad Paisley on putting a song on a movie soundtrack versus putting a song on a regular album.

It is kind of ironic that my new album is being released on August 30, two days after I turn 30 and this is my third record.
- – Jake Owen. I could probably spare myself a lot of heartache by giving up all hope of anyone ever using the word ‘ironic’ correctly. Thanks a lot, Alanis.

I have a real strong drive to build an empire. That’s what I’m trying to do. And to build an empire, you don’t take off work.
- – Miranda Lambert on staying busy.

The Band Perry’s about as country as country gets right now.
- – Scary thought from Alison Bonaguro.

All I ever want to be is honest, truthful and authentic. The thing I’ve learned as a musician, record producer and part of a cast that does what it is that we do is that the most important thing is to serve the song. It’s not to show off and play the most you can play or sing the most you can sing. It’s all in how do you serve this song the best and what keeps the song the real focal point of what you’re doing.
- – Vince Gill on keeping ego out of the equation.

So we were out there and our live show’s pretty rockin.’ It’s pretty in-your-face, and I even joked when we left, I can’t believe it took a country band or the country format to come up here and rock harder than all these rock bands at a rock festival. I don’t know, man. It was very emo and weird and everything was very pop and techno. I thought most of it sucked.
- – Eric Church on playing Lollapalooza. He has no idea what Vince Gill is talking about.

It’s like looking at a pair of jeans at a second-hand store, it’s been used. The song title is very clever.
- – Danny Gokey, profoundly, on new single “Second Hand Heart.”

Rhett Akins and the Peach Pickers (Rhett, Ben Hayslip and Dallas Davidson) are throwing some songs my way. It’s so cool that those guys who’ve written such big hits are trying to get me to sing their songs … I’m honored and flattered. And I’m loving all of them!
- – Oh dear. Scotty McCreery has discovered the Peach Pickers.

I think that’s one of the reasons country is so big today is because it’s always found a way to evolve with the times whilst not losing its identity. Country never has. It’s no different than rock ‘n’ roll. Nobody would say that U2 should sound like Bill Haley and The Comets. I’m a huge fan of Glen Campbell and he had huge crossover hits. Even in Australia, we were listening to him.
- – Keith Urban.

Like her or not, Swift is a natural songwriter, keenly aware of a key element of crafting tunes that’s part of the DNA of the greatest country composers: she knows the best songs stem from life experience, because people relate. That’s a view at odds with Nashville’s network of hack songwriters, whose formula-driven dreck, laden with hooks and shallow wordplay, can top charts for a week or fill albums, but are largely forgotten a few years later.
- – Veteran music writer Rich Kienzle offers some intriguing “Reflections on Taylor Swift.”

Q: You just toured with Sugarland. What are country music fans like? Seriously. I’ve never met one.
A: Well, the Sugarland fans are kind of like the Train fans. It’s like one big nation of fans. They’re really just pop fans. There were a few times when we got deep into Texas where I feared for my life.
- – Matt Nathanson to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Aidin Vaziri.

JW: What’s the biggest misconception about you?
RB: This idea that I’m a country artist. When we first got together as a band people assumed we were a country band. But we just wanted to play rock’n’roll. The truth is that we never really knew what we were playing. I guess you could say that what we do is a mixture of genres and that’s still confusing to people. In terms of radio stations, we’re too country for rock and too rock for country. The Crazy Heart thing has confused things even further. People will have seen the movie and come to a show expecting a straight-down-the-line country band and they get pissed off when they find out we’re something else.
- – Ryan Bingham still vehemently denies being a country artist.

If a real country fan is listening they would think I’ve never made a return to country or that I’ve abandoned country. And then some people think I’m too country… I don’t know. I think country music is definitely a part of my DNA, and I think it’s always in there. My favorite instrument is the steel guitar. I always put steel guitar in, even if I’m doing jazz.
- – Meanwhile, k.d. lang is in no hurry to shake off the country associations.

I remember we met this man who was hitchhiking for three weeks from Florida to Kentucky and it was Christmas Eve. Dad talked to him and gave him $1,000 and told him to buy a ticket, get on a bus and buy Christmas presents for his kids. Another time, he saw a man without a leg who was hitchhiking to Vanderbilt (University Medical Center). He gave him a ride and bought the guy a prosthetic leg.
- – Cindy Cash on father Johnny’s quiet acts of kindness.

We did everything you’re supposed to do in Mexico… including, I drank the water and had diarrhea.
- – Blake Shelton on honeymooning in Mexico.

Country Haiku #382

If you think I can’t
Outsmoke Messrs. Cheech and Chong
You’re wrong baby wrong

Carrie Underwood Goes Vegan; Justin Moore Is a Floater; Chris Thile/Michael Daves Album on Sale at Amazon

  • Chris Thile and Michael Daves’ Sleep With One Eye Open, one of my favorite albums of last month, is available for $3.99 from Amazon MP3 today.
  • While you’re there, grab a free download of “You Can Bet I’m Gone” off of the new Joe Ely album.
  • The Post Crescent‘s Mike Thiel spoke with Eric Church about why he’s nicknamed Chief, why he wears a hat and sunglasses onstage, and whether he thinks “Homeboy” could be considered a racist song.
  • Chatting with Craig Shelburne for CMT, Ronnie Dunn is in no hurry to supersize his solo career:

    Have you considered headlining or maybe taking a middle slot on a big tour?
    No, I don’t think I’ll do any of that. I think I’ll stay in smaller venues — just for fun for a while. I really do. It’s different now that I’m up there by myself. I’m able to slow down and set the pace and talk back and forth with the crowd. It’s a blast.

  • Taylor Swift ($45 million) and Carrie Underwood ($15 million) both made Forbes’ list of The Best-Paid Celebrities Under 30.
  • One thing Underwood isn’t spending her money on: dairy. The singer recently revealed that she has made the leap from vegetarian to vegan. Next up, nixing food altogether.
  • Ahead of his album release on Tuesday, Justin Moore will conduct six hours of press interviews from a bass boat in the middle of the lake at New York City’s Central Park on Monday. Err, okay.
  • Farce the Music on Kristin Chenoweth’s “I Want Somebody (Bitch About).”

    From the first word out of her mouth, you know the next three minutes won’t better your life experience. By midway through the first verse (if you’re still around), you’re convinced you can write a better song with the local Montgomery Gentry cover band. By the chorus, you’re feeling a growing sense that your organs are banding together to overthrow your mind for letting things go this far. By the end of the chorus, you’re ready to jump into a Slayer mosh pit and leave the whole adrenaline and whiskey charged bunch lying in a pool of their own blood and broken limbs. If you make it to the end, you hate your ears. Or you’re a blogger.

  • Via That Nashville Sound, Joe Nichols and Australian country artist Jasmine Rae duet.

Country Haiku #381

Ain’t no road too long
We’ll just meet in the middle
AUUGH! Hit by a car.

Buy George Jones’ House; Dolly Parton Tours Australia; Foster and Lloyd on Music City Roots

Country Haiku #380

So don’t laugh at me
Because I’m fat, thin, treacly…
Or stopped having hits

Country Haiku #379

Love’s the only house
Big enough for all the wine
I consume daily