Black Friday: Country Bibliophile Edition

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Whether you're a reader yourself or just want to be a reader's favorite person come Christmas, you can get an extra 30% off Amazon's already-low print book prices through Sunday, November 30. Simply enter the coupon code HOLIDAY30 at checkout. But be aware that the code only works once, for one book, so your pick better be a good one. Here are some of the country-related "good ones" that came to our attention in 2014. By clicking a linked image below, you'll also be telling Amazon to kick … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just in the nick of time, the artful music video for "What We Ain't Got," featuring Jake Owen, songwriter Travis Meadows, and other people whose stories become more clear as the video progresses. Like the song itself, it's understated soul-searching done dang near perfectly. (By the way, "We all want what we ain't got" is also a good rejoinder to use if someone gets mad at you for taking the last of the mashed potatoes.) If you act quickly, you can also grab … [Read more...]

Quotable Country – 11/24/14 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the source. I think she’s perfect; I don’t think there’s anything... she’s gotta have a big ol’ mole on her butt or something, I don’t know. I can’t find anything wrong with her! She’s just perfect. ● --- Tanya Tucker on Carrie Underwood. Chicago Harley delivered it to me in Chicago when Travis Tritt and me and Marty Stuart and Charlie Daniels were playing. [The guys] were all kidding me about it that day when they delivered it. I was riding it … [Read more...]

Backtrack: Richie McDonald, “How Do I Just Stop”

McDonald, incarcerated for this song.

Originally published at The 9513 in November 2008, back when I was still young and spunky. McDonald has since rejoined Lonestar. Songwriters: Tommy Lee James and Richie McDonald. In an election year full of tough questions and partisan bickering, former Lonestar-frontman-gone-Christian-crooner Richie McDonald offers some much-needed common ground. "How Do I Just Stop" is so gloriously simple and unequivocally lackluster that people of every political persuasion should rejoice in the … [Read more...]

Quotable Country – 11/16/14 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the source. I call it the ‘Luke Bryan.’ I’m trying to emulate what he’s doing out there because it’s workin’. ● --- Justin Moore on incorporating more dance into his live performances. Quincy Jones posted on Facebook that “Spotify is not the enemy; piracy is the enemy”. You know why? Two numbers: Zero and Two Billion. Piracy doesn’t pay artists a penny – nothing, zilch, zero. Spotify has paid more than two billion dollars to labels, publishers … [Read more...]