Bless ‘Em, Blame ‘Em – September 23

Ashley Monroe Weed JacketBLESS…

- Erin Enderlin, for trying to see to it that standout track “I Let Her Talk” gets a proper music video and independent single release. Her Kickstarter campaign is 67% funded with about two weeks to go.

- Otis Gibbs for hitting 50 episodes with his Thanks For Giving a Damn podcast, and inviting in special guest Otis Gibbs for the occasion. More details on Thanks for Giving a Damn here.

- Ashley Monroe’s Nashville Time Machine Sessions, which feature her sitting down with an acoustic guitar and recording straight to a 1940s tape machine. It’s very upsetting that most of these videos currently have fewer than 3,000 views, so go watch each of them a few hundred times to make me feel better: “Like a Rose,” “Morning After,” “Two Weeks Late,” “Weed Instead of Roses,” “Hickory Wind.” Monroe also just released an official music video for “Weed Instead of Roses,” which features an enviably Parsons-esque jacket.

- NPR Music and Folk Alley, for making the full 2013 Americana Music Association Honors And Awards Show completely listenable online at your leisure. It runs about 2.5 hours.

- Mumford & Sons for going on indefinite hiatus, making roots music that much less Mumfordy.


- Team Gary Allan – comprised of Allan himself and, presumably, various handlers – for feeling the need to back away from what were, I thought, appropriate and measured comments to Larry King by issuing a letter of apology to country radio stations. Allan had previously said, in part:

I also feel like we lost our genre. I don’t feel like I make music for a genre anymore, and I did, you know, 10 or 15 years ago. But I think since the Clear Channels and the Cumuluses and the big companies bought up all the chains, now it’s about a demographic. You know, so they’ve kind of sliced everything up, feeding it to the public in demographics.

- Dysphonia, a vocal condition that Wikipedia says is typically caused by “some kind of interruption of the ability of the vocal folds to vibrate normally during exhalation,” for afflicting Alison Krauss. With proper rest and treatment, Krauss should be back to singing again soon.

- Me, for ever doubting that the next Randy Travis album would be a delight. You can hear samples of all (mostly Haggard) songs on Influence, Vol. 1 here. The album comes out September 30.

- Team Randy Travis, for offering no updates on the singer’s condition since he was moved from a hospital to a physical therapy facility in late July. It’d be nice to get any word on how the 54-year-old singer, who has suffered viral cardiomyopathy, a stroke, and pneumonia this year, is doing. As it stands, the latest report we have is a (sadly believable) National Enquirer story that there’s a battle brewing over his assets.


  1. A.B. says

    Agreed on the Team Randy Travis. I don’t know whether or not to believe what I’m seeing on Twitter, but various Oak Ridge Boys are retweeting things from @BonniePaulMusic who has been giving updates about Randy.


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