Bless ‘Em, Blame ‘Em – September 12


Elizabeth Cook, for eliminating the last excuse one might have for not checking out her music. Grab her new (free) NoiseTrade sampler, which includes favorites “Heroin Addict Sister,” “El Camino,” and “Mama’s Prayers,” as well as a couple selections from her recent gospel EP. You’ll be chasing down her full discography in no time.

Rodney Hayden, for the series of intimate acoustic performances he’s begun posting to Youtube. “Huntsville” just went up on Monday; “Nuevo Laredo” and “Della’s Long Brown Hair,” both posted last week, have already accumulated 34,000 views between them. It’s nice to see a good thing appreciated. (If you watch to the end, you’ll see that Hayden has a new album called Atascosa Sand coming out October 23.)

CMT and Music City Roots, for affirming their devotion to good music with a new roots music blog on the one hand – CMT Edge – and a new streaming roots music radio station – Roots Radio – on the other.

– Stand-up comedian Mike Birbiglia, for tweeting this to his 170,000 followers: “Just realized @toddsnider has a new album. Nice. You should seek him out—kind of a folksy, funny, storytelling guitarist. Love him.” Hopefully that sold Snider, whose own follower count lingers around 2,000, a record or two.


The Canadian Country Music Association, for evidently inventing a new award to give to non-Canadian Taylor Swift so that she’d attend their show. From the description of the CCMA Generation Award:

Record sales, growth, expansion of new audiences and creation of new awareness of country music across the globe are all factors in selection of the CCMA Generation Award recipients. This Award of Achievement, selected at the sole discretion of the CCMA Board of Directors, does not require automatic annual presentation. The CCMA Generation Award will be presented at an event during the annual CCMA Country Music Week.

In short, an award for an international country superstar (Swift) that won’t necessarily be given out in future years and, if it is, might be relegated to some portion of CCMA Week other than the awards show itself. Of course, Swift received hers on the televised show. Because she’s Taylor Swift.

– Utah resident Alan Foote, who, figuring that “God Bless the USA” isn’t played quite enough on 9/11, decided to make a patriotic stunt of singing it 911 times in the 48 hours surrounding the sad anniversary. No word yet on whether Foote was successful, or on why Lee Greenwood is hiding out in Utah under the assumed name of Alan Foote.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame, for giving Rascal Flatts a star. Their piece of pavement will be in the vicinity of Drew Carey and Boris Karloff, which I’m sure makes perfect sense in some way I’m not understanding.

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  1. says

    Wow. The whole CCMA thing sure seems like a shameless, bald-faced ratings grab if ever there was one. I like Swift in general, but I still tend to opine that the acclaim she receives for supposedly ‘expanding the audience’ of country music is quite a bit inflated considering she’s essentially been making pop records and calling them country.

    or on why Lee Greenwood is hiding out in Utah under the assumed name of Alan Foote.

    I love you.

  2. Holly says

    You know..I think it is pretty small and sad to blast Alan Foote(who is a friend of mine) about singing “God Bless the USA” in commemoration of the 9/11 attacks.If you knew him,you would know it was far from a publicity stunt,but a sincere attempt to honor those who lost their lives, and turn people’s thoughts towards the tragedy of that day. I’m happy to say,he did complete his mission of singing 911 times.He is a patriotic man who loves his country, and feels for the horrible events of that day, and the loss that was suffered,and how it still impacts us as a nation and society.What made him decide to do it, was a school took the song out of a program,concerned it might possibly “offend” someone not American or of our culture.(Notice..this school was in America.) He was outraged,that a song that is so patriotic and full of feeling for America,and those who love it,would be misguidingly removed to be “politically correct”.He decided then and there,that he would sing the song,(and why not 911 times so it would have impact)and no one would edit him from doing so.I am proud of him and all the Americans who love this country,and who put their money where their mouth is, and won’t be browbeaten or turned away from what they think is the right thing to do.I think he should be given bravo’s..not condemnation and snarky inaccurate comments about what his motives are.God bless you!

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