Bless ‘Em, Blame ‘Em – April 11

Montgomery GentryBLESS…

National Public Radio, for making Mountain Stage performances from Matraca Berg (5 songs) and Billy Joe Shaver (8 songs) streamable on their website. Berg does “Your Husband’s Cheating on Us,” “You and Tequila,” “Strawberry Wine,” “The Dreaming Fields,” and “Oh Cumberland.” Some set list!

Keith Urban, for raising a bunch of money for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum with his “All for the Hall” benefit concert last night. Don Williams and Merle Haggard both made surprise appearances, and co-host Vince Gill invited Urban to join the Grand Ole Opry.


Randy Travis, for providing a steady stream of tabloid fodder over the past couple years. The latest allegation is that he breached the management contract he signed with his ex-wife, terminating her and sending an armed guard to her Music Row office to take a bunch of property.

Merle Haggard, or whoever working on his behalf set up the new (verified) @merlehaggard Twitter page, which follows the accounts of Rascal Flatts and Hunter Hayes. Not sure why Merle’s playing nice with these guys, but here’s hoping there are no covers of “Banjo” or “Storm Warning” on his next album.

Montgomery Gentry, for thinking this was a good idea:

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  1. Rick says

    Is Randy Travis becoming the new O.J. Simpson of country music artists? Hmm…

    Hey, I see the MySpace “Like” lists includes a “Rick” with an “ICMA” logo! That is definitely NOT me (ie right-wingnut Rick) as I’m not on MySpace. Imposter! (lol)

    I’m glad NPR makes good live music and A Prairie Home Companion available for freebies! (I’m sure glad all those libby-tards pledge money as I’d never give them a dime.) Although this is not enough to offset the leftist agitprop that passes for news and commentary on the USA’s own Pravda equivalent. Truly the “All Only Poltically Correct Things Considered” apparatus of the political left.

    Kudos the Keith Urban for supporting the CMHOF in that over-priced “All For The Hall” benefit that attracts the same Hollywood crowd that attends Obama fundraisers at the media star’s homes. Nice to see all those Hollywood lefties support a worthwhile cause once in awhile whether they realize it or not.

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