Best Blog Posts of 2008 Redux

Here’s some follow-up on the Best Blog Posts of 2008 idea.

I’m thinking that the list will be broken into three sections: Country Universe, The 9513, and Other. If another blog has a sizable number of entries, it might also get its own category. In the spirit of making this a worthy introduction to the world of independent country music blogs rather than a competition, items in each category will be listed chronologically rather than ranked. As a quality measure, there will be a cap on the number of items in each category.

Here’s the list of suggestions so far. If you see that a great post is missing, add it to the pool of possibilities by commenting. This brings it to my attention and, even better, brings it to the attention of other readers. The post will get a little extra love regardless of whether it makes the final (highly subjective) list.

The 9513:
Ray Scott Finds Creative Freedom In Life After Warner Bros. – Jim Malec
Rucker Proves That Sometimes, The Best Marketing Is No Marketing At All – Matt C.
Carrie Underwood’s Exclusive Inner Circle Threatens Her Career – Matt C.
Album Review: The Lost Trailers, Holler Back – Brady Vercher
Red Dirt: The Power of Infrastructure – Ben Cisneros
Joanna Cotten’s Impossible Question – Jim Malec

Country Universe:
A Conversation with Patty Loveless – Blake Boldt
Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain and Gender in Country Music – Kevin J. Coyne
Album Review: The Lost Trailers, Holler Back – Dan Milliken
100 Greatest Women, #1: Dolly Parton – Kevin J. Coyne

Country Music Day – Trailer (Photocrap)
Finding the Reverence – Craig Bickhardt (Ninety Mile Wind)
Sugarland Got It Right… Almost – John Maglite (Country California)
Charlie Allen Interview – Matt Bjorke (Roughstock)
I Don’t Like Any of the Women – Carolyn/ccdixon (Melodic Sunburst)

New posts, by email, whenever we’ve got ’em.


  1. Dan says

    You can feel free to axe my album review; don’t feel obligated. That’s a pretty ordinary post, really, unless you want to include a “best review of the year’s worst album” category, in which I think you’ll have to take a good look at Brady’s, too. :) Not that I don’t appreciate the props; I just want to get them for my best work (which I hope is yet to come). Just my opinion, though – I really do appreciate Leeann for mentioning it!

    And I’m really glad that Melodic Sunburst post is there; that’s a killer.

  2. Brady says

    I’m gonna have to go along with Dan and say my review of “Bob That Head” isn’t worthy. It didn’t require nearly as much work as any of these other great pieces and I’m fine with showcasing everyone else’s better efforts.

  3. cmw says

    I’m not taking Dan’s post out of the conversation, but I am replacing Brady’s with his review of the same album. That doesn’t mean they’ll make the final list, but they were both very cool and deserve consideration.

  4. Matt B says

    Interesting that you like the Charlie Allen interview. Since that literally was a conversation and not a ‘ask and answer’ session.

  5. Blake Boldt says

    Matt B from Roughstock had a nice conversation with Joey + Rory as well.

    Ditto for my man Dan and Morgan Neville from Johnny Cash’s America.

    Brody, for the news roundups, and Brady, for his Best Songs of (Month), deserve some credit, but I’m not sure where that fits in.

    I also vote for myself obviously in every possible category. Sugarland does, so I’m in good company. (

    Basically, I nominate everybody. Kudos to country music writers.

  6. Lynn says

    I think they are all great, but I have to give HUGE props to Kevin’s “100 Greatest Women” #1. That whole series was amazing.

    Brady-If I remember it accurately, I don’t think you can short change your “Bob that Head” review. Classic.

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