Be a Cowriter on the Next Country Questionnaire

Seems like co-writing is all the rage these days, so why shouldn’t you get in on the action?

We haven’t done a Country Questionnaire in a while, but there will be a new one next week and I want to give you the opportunity to help write it. Those who have responded to past questionnaires know that they usually consist of 20-25 thought-provoking and/or snark-inviting questions. They’re fun to answer (that’s the hope, at least) and just as fun to read responses to, sort of like communal celebrations of wit.

You can see previous examples here and here. Prompts we’ve responded to in the past include:

  • Surprising announcement from Shania Twain:
  • Words of wisdom for Kenny Chesney:
  • Disastrous choice to play June Carter in stage adaptation of Walk the Line:
  • Warning sign that an album is going to suck:

Now I’m asking you all to help me come up with some new questions for the next installment. Just enter your name and suggestion(s) below and they might appear here next week for all the world (or at least a couple hundred people) to see. And you’ll get to read a bunch of other readers’ responses to them. And you can tell people that you’ve been published on a world-famous music blog. It won’t be true, but who’s going to stop you?

If you’d like to help make the questionnaire more interactive than ever, take a minute to send your suggestions using the form below. Working together, I think we could have a big hit on our hands.

Edited to add: If I don’t get enough suggestions, I might be forced to use the question Rick just sent in about which female singer has the “nicest rack.” You have been warned. Send ’em in below.

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