Awesome Stuff Department: The Devil Makes Three at Newport Folk Festival


Devil Makes ThreeNPR Music has The Devil Makes Three’s full set from yesterday (Friday, July 25) at the Newport Folk Festival available for online listening. That’s 48 minutes, hot off the presses recording devices, of the rootsy California trio in its natural element. Playing music described as “garage-y ragtime, punkified blues, old n’ new timey without settling upon a particular era, inspired as much by mountain music as by Preservation Hall jazz,” The Devil Makes Three put out its New West Records debut I’m a Stranger Here last year. But longtime readers knew about them well before that – we were mentioning them within weeks of starting this blog and reviewing them by 2009.

I’ve personally been following them for about the past decade, and this live set will go some way toward explaining why. If you enjoy it, they also have a couple good live albums available.

Check it out: The Devil Makes Three at Newport Folk Festival 2014

(Also, here’s the NPR Folk feed to plug into your podcast aggregator of choice – like iTunes – to catch more stuff like this in the future. Bonus: This will allow you to download the set instead of having to stream it from the webpage, which I always find to be something of a nuisance.)

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