Awesome Stuff Department: Brandy Clark on The Marty Stuart Show

Amid all the (justified) Ashley Monroe and Kacey Musgraves hoopla, we’ve been doing our best to beat the drum for Brandy Clark in hopes that her own singer-songwriter debut won’t be overlooked. As it turns out, we’re in good company: Marty Stuart counts himself a fan of Clark’s, too. The singer-songwriter recently appeared on RFD-TV’s Marty Stuart Show to play all three songs from her EP.

Since the videos made it to YouTube, you can sample the whole Brandy Clark EP ‘live’ right here. Stuart even joins Clark for a proper duet on “Take a Little Pill.”

“Take a Little Pill” (with Marty Stuart)

“Pray to Jesus”


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  1. KC says

    Thanks for posting this. She’s definitely worthy of more attention. Does the full album have a release date yet?

  2. says

    When I inquired about it, I was told that no release date has been set yet. It will depend on the momentum of the first single, “Stripes”, which is planned for an April 1st release to radio.


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