Dwight Yoakam Speaks Out on Chafing


Dwight Yoakam has taken on the yoke, so to speak, of bringing a seldom considered - but quite serious - health matter to the forefront of the American consciousness. The twangy country singer/actor has signed on with NADDS (National Abrasion Detection & Deletion Society) to appear in their television and radio spots promoting the awareness of severe groin chafing. "This was a perfect fit for me, no pun intended," laughed Yoakam, who has been known to wear his boot cut jeans a bit on the … [Read more...]

Former Swift Fans Seek New Bandwagon

taylor fans

After Taylor Swift was shut out at last Sunday's ACM Awards, some of her fans began to have second thoughts about their love of the young singing/songwriting phenom. "She's totally changed," said 14-year-old Madison Ramey, up past her usual bedtime at her friend's ACM party. "I mean, she even sang a song called 'Change.' You know what I mean?" Party host Lindsay Carmichael echoed the sentiment. "She's just not as cool now that she lost, I mean, now that she uh, just isn't as cool... you … [Read more...]

John Rich’s House Even Cooler Than You Thought

john rich house (Custom)

When it comes to country superstar John Rich, even the home he lives in is controversial. Called an eyesore and a blight by "jealous neighbors," Mt. Richmore is even cooler than you might have imagined, says an anonymous source who has visited the well-equipped abode several times. This insider, who asked us to refer to him as Bart Mozart, says all the bright lights pointing away from Rich's home are for good reason. "It's so nosy-ass locals can't see all the cool sh** in there. Dude, they'd … [Read more...]

Reports of Waylon Jennings Sightings on the Rise


Numerous sightings of music legend Waylon Jennings, who passed away in 2002, have been reported in the Nashville area of late, with most eyewitnesses agreeing that he is very much alive and quite pissed off. According to police reports, the allegedly non-dead Jennings has taken part in a number of questionable and/or criminal activities. On Thursday, the Grand Ole Opry called police out to investigate an incident of vandalism. The words "Hank ain't here so kiss my ass" and Waylon's trademark … [Read more...]

Lady Antebellum Opposite Band Finding It a Hard Go


Dude Reconstruction, a Shreveport-based Lady Antebellum opposite band, is having a difficult time finding its footing in the entertainment business. Based on recurring Saturday Night Live gimmick Jon Bovi (link), Dude R takes Lady A songs and flips the lyrics on their head. Audiences thus far have been bemused, to put it mildly. "I don't know what the hell they're singing about. Space is spinning slower and crap like that. I recognize the tune, but man... Is that girl on drugs?" wondered … [Read more...]

Sarah Buxton Mistaken for Emily West or Vice Versa

buxton west

In a humorous case of mistaken identity, an attractive new female country singer with a top 40 hit has been confused with another attractive new female country singer with a top 40 hit. According to an eyewitness, the up-and-coming singer/songwriter Emily West was walking through the Nashville airport when an adoring fan asked for her autograph. A moderate blush became a big laugh when the young girl handed Ms. Buxton a glossy 8x10 of up-and-coming singer/songwriter Emily West. West, ever the … [Read more...]

Trent Tomlinson Just Likes to Wear the Doo Rag


Trent Tomlinson wants you to know that he just likes the way it looks. Regarding his trademark doo rag, Tomlinson told FNN (Fake News Network): "The doo rag is awesome... it's my signature. It's mysterious and makes me look like a cage fighter." When asked if he'd taken part in any MMA fights, he replied in the negative. "I am not hiding anything, though. There's no receding hairline, no moles, no butterfly tattoo. I've heard all the gossip," he laughed. "Right now I'm just here to talk about my … [Read more...]