Quotable Country – 01/25/15 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the source. I mean, if there’s one thing that you know about me — and hopefully people watching at home — it’s I am absolutely comfortable with making a complete ass out of myself. I’m a natural at that. ● --- Blake Shelton, before hosting "Saturday Night Live." the Justin Bieber of country music, just a little trouble making cutie ● --- Blake Shelton, introducing himself while hosting "Saturday Night Live." But I’ve never really let myself … [Read more...]

After the Beep: Chase Rice Fan Comments

Chase Rice podcast (Custom)

The music video for Chase Rice's smash hit "Ready Set Roll" has been viewed nearly 7 million times on YouTube. Although I can't claim to understand the appeal of song or singer, I am a naturally curious person with an unwavering faith in the ability of YouTube commenters to inform and educate troglodytes like me. In this second episode of Country California's After the Beep podcast, I scour the insightful remarks of YouTube commenters in hopes of becoming Chase Rice's #1 Fan. For pod … [Read more...]

Support the Concert Calendar on Patreon!

Hey. I'm that guy who sends you the Northern California concert listings at the beginning of each month. Have all my messages been making it through your spam filter lately? Country music is well-represented here in Northern California. With a variety of stations and venues hosting shows, there are also many, many fans trying to keep track of all their entertainment options. I know this because the size of my subscriber list quadrupled in 2014 without any advertising on my part. This DIY … [Read more...]

Quotable Country – 01/18/15 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the source. I think that my songs keep getting simpler, and I’m trying to find the least amount of words to get across what I’m feeling. I’m definitely a better singer than I was, so that allows me to write in different formats. I’m just going with the flow of life. As long as I keep searching and staying true to myself, my songs will not necessarily advance, but they will go somewhere else. I’m willing to follow them. ● --- Justin Townes Earle to … [Read more...]

Album Review: Blake Shelton – Startin’ Fires

Blake Shelton - Startin Fires

This review was originally published at the late, great The 9513 in December 2008, before Shelton had joined the Opry, married Miranda Lambert, become a perennial CMA Male Vocalist winner, or found wider pop culture stardom as a personality on NBC's The Voice. Savvy observers of mainstream country recognize Blake Shelton as one of the format's finest interpreters of a song. On his fifth studio album, the Oklahoma native and beau of firecracker Miranda Lambert (a connection alluded to by the … [Read more...]

Stayin’ alive in 2-0-1-5

Since I opted out of the race to the bottom months ago, some have reached out to say: Okay, Wilcox. We get it. You removed all the ads. The Amazon affiliate links are helping dogs now. You've removed all financial incentive to kowtow or chase quick hits, so you're free to only write about what you actually find interesting and/or exciting. But does enacting your principles necessarily mean taking a vow of poverty? That seems like a dangerous precedent to set for the future of online music … [Read more...]

Quotable Country – 01/11/15 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the source. I'm hardly an expert, because I haven't been there for a long time. But the [Portable] People Meter ratings methodology [of terrestrial radio] punishes unfamiliar music, by and large. That's my understanding. So radio used to be an active medium, and now it's turned into more of a passive medium. ● --- SiriusXM tastemaker John Marks on terrestrial radio. Heard today, though, what the full-on novelty of “Bird of Paradise” most clearly … [Read more...]