Questions After the CMT Music Awards

Couldn't work up the courage to live blog the show, but here are a few assorted thoughts: How'd Justin Moore get the prestigious 'singing along to a video game as we go out to commercial' slot? Which gas station does Jason Aldean work at? What happened to his own work shirt and why did he have to borrow one from a female coworker half his size? Anyone else think he was going to bust some chairs with that Wrestlemania-like entrance? Last one on Jason Aldean: did he really yell out … [Read more...]

Concert Review: Aaron Watson in Sacramento on June 6, 2009


Let's start with this: Line-dancing is the scourge of humanity. So imagine my horror when I arrived at Rockin' Rodeo at The Stoney Inn to discover that it was... a line-dancing venue. The choreographed boot-scooting and heel-slapping commenced shortly after I arrived. Line-dancing is a bit entertaining for the first song or two, if only for the novelty of seeing the '80s and '90s brought back to life in all their embarrassing splendor. But its novelty fades quickly. And on this Saturday … [Read more...]

Chad Brock to Compete on Dancing With the Who the Hell Is That Guy


Chad Brock, who you might not know from his stints as a professional WCW wrestler, marginally successful country recording artist, or country disc jockey for Tampa's WQYK, will reportedly compete on the first season of a new Dancing With the Stars spin-off titled Dancing With the Who the Hell Is That Guy. "When my publicist called me up with this opportunity, I said 'Mom, that's great!' Then I asked if she was sure she had all the details right, because the poor old lady is a little hard of … [Read more...]

The Devil Makes Three Do Wrong Right Giveaway

6/20: Random winner chosen. You've got mail, CJ. Last week, reader KathyP scored an autographed copy of the new Chuck Mead album Journeyman's Wager. I'm a big fan of that album, so I encourage anyone interested to pick up a copy from Amazon or your other music store of choice and get listening. This week, the good people at Milan Records have provided a copy of the new album from The Devil Makes Three, Do Wrong Right. If you've been paying attention, you can probably guess that I'm pretty … [Read more...]

Quotable Country – 06/14/09 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the original source. If you haven't taken your anti-depressants yet, now would be a very good time to do that. ‚óŹ - - Lorrie Morgan introducing new song "Mirror, Mirror" in concert. He produced my first two albums. He taught me, inspired me, made me reach for more. He was one of the first to ever believe in a kid from Knoxville, Tennessee who used to sit out in the backyard in the middle of the night and stare at an open sky, knowing that there … [Read more...]

Fan Voting Write-Ins Determine CMT Awards Will Be Renamed “The Taylors”


Fan voting has determined that the CMT Music Awards scheduled for next Tuesday, June 16 will be rebranded as The Taylors in honor of new-country goddess Taylor Swift. "The weirdest thing is that, although this is a fan-voted show, the name of the show was actually not one of the things up for a vote. We just received so many letters from the Swift faithful that we had to honor their wishes," said editorial director Chet Flippo. "By the way, have I told you about how I knew … [Read more...]

Live Blogging Country Radio, Part VI

Health Tip of the Week: Only listen to country radio in short doses with something else (like blogging) claiming the majority of your attention. As with the sun, prolonged exposure and staring directly at it may be injurious to your health. 11:27 AM: Go go gadget radio! 11:27 AM: Right in the middle of a commercial block. 11:28 AM: "Growing taller is an important milestone for any child." 11:28 AM: Is that really a milestone? It's sort of an ongoing thing, I think. 11:29 AM: … [Read more...]