CMA Awards: What Do You Say, West Coast?

cma awards

I like giving those out on the West Coast something to do during the show, but it's unclear if I'll actually be able to watch the live broadcast this time around. I'd still be up for hosting a live blog/chat and offering quips on the show I'm not seeing, as well as general comments on the meaning of life. Perhaps one or two people who will definitely be watching the show (in this time zone) would like to try their hand at live commentary? It's easy, I promise. Let me know if you want to give … [Read more...]

God Requests That He Not Be Thanked for CMA Awards


Even God is getting in on the CMA Awards action. In a rare statement issued through his earthly liaison, John Rich, the deity of choice among country music listeners offers some thoughts on the upcoming show. His message, quoted in its entirety, follows: Dear Country Music, First of all, thank you. I appreciate all the songs you have written and sung about me. Very flattering! Lately, I've had that new one by Lee Ann Womack stuck in my head, though of course I change the words to "There Is a … [Read more...]

Quotable Country – 11/09/09 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the original source. RC: You mentioned two songwriters that, I don't know any of their songs, I'm sorry to say. WSJ: Taylor Swift, really? RC: No, I saw her on TV once and I thought she was adorable, but… ● - - Rosanne Cash in conversation with the Wall Street Journal's Christopher John Farley. Country music star John Rich has been tapped to be the grand marshal for the 57th annual Nashville Christmas parade. ● - - Because nothing says “spirit … [Read more...]

Youtube Friday: Chris LeDoux and Dick Cheney

Greetings, Wyomingites! Please to enjoy a Chris LeDoux interview and music video, followed by a slideshow tribute to Dick Cheney set to the tune of Blue County's "That's Cool" (I don't know why either). God bless Wyoming! (Explanation: What's this all about, anyway?) By the way, Cheney was born in Nebraska, another fine state. With lots of domesticated llamas. … [Read more...]

I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide

october map

... but I'm also more popular in some states than I am in others. The heat map at right shows where U.S. visitors came from in the month of October: the darker the green, the more visitors sent by that state. Predictably, the list is topped by Texas, California, and Tennessee, but I'm more interested in the states at the bottom end. Here's a list of the lowest-charting states, along with a snide remark about each which will hopefully bring proud citizens over in droves, saving these … [Read more...]

Album Review: Derek Hoke – Goodbye Rock N Roll


Derek Hoke may begin his debut record with a fond farewell to rock and roll, but he doesn't leave it far behind. His gentle, unpretentious brand of throwback country often seems just a hiccup away from the early rock of Buddy Holly. Fans of The Wrights and The Little Willies should take particular note. While the album-opening title track finds Hoke bidding adieu to the “big guitars, the screaming and the shouting” (“I'll get by without 'em,” he promises), he wastes no time in establishing … [Read more...]

Jason Aldean Brainstorming Titles for Next Album

jason aldean

With the release date still over a year away, country rocker Jason Aldean is already hard at work thinking up a suitably aggressive title for his next studio album. Since his self-titled debut in 2005, Aldean has escalated the aggression with the title of each disc, releasing Relentless in 2007 and following it up with Wide Open in 2009. Aldean is feeling the pressure to kick it up a notch next time around. "Crunchy, guitar-driven rock music with hick-flavored lyrics is my calling card, but … [Read more...]