2009 ACM Awards Live Blog: Pacific Edition

6:49 PM: Just over an hour to showtime. Is this thing on? 6:56 PM: I'm trying out ScribbleLive, which will hopefully make this a bit easier than last time. 7:00 PM: The post should update without you having to continually reload the page. 7:16 PM: I'm so not following the rules on how to throw an ACM party: www.cmt.com 7:51 PM: Less than 10 minutes to showtime. 7:53 PM: Which performances are you looking forward to? Johnson and Lambert are tops for me. Should be interesting to see Heidi … [Read more...]

2009 ACM Awards Nominees + Predictions

Here's the nominee list. It's available everywhere, but I post it here too so that those participating in the live blog can refer to it without happening upon any spoilers once the show is underway on the East Coast. I'll be going on lockdown at 5pm, not checking any of my blogging neighbors (or Twitter, etc.) until the show's over. Important: There has been some confusion as to the time of the show. Since CBS and the ACM list 8pm as the official start time, I'm assuming that that's when the … [Read more...]

Concert Review: Kris Kristofferson and Merle Haggard in Santa Rosa, CA (4/1/09)

On Wednesday evening, two faces descended from country's Mount Rushmore for an acoustic song swap at the lovely Wells Fargo Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa, California. They were Kristofferson and Haggard, and each got a standing ovation from the sold-out (and disproportionately elderly) crowd just for entering the theater. Kris and the Hag are at the point in their careers where you figure they've probably already done just about everything. But on the first night of a three-night run up … [Read more...]

Live Blogging 30 Minutes of Country Radio, Part III

Final live blog in the warm-up for the ACM Awards Live Blog: Pacific Edition on April 5. I'm now in peak live blogging condition and eager to exercise my skills on something (hopefully) more interesting than 30 minutes of country radio, so I hope some of you in my timezone will join me here on Sunday for the big event. Anyone with me? Should I just plan on talking to myself for a few hours? (Updates will be less frequent in the big blog since I'll be watching the show for the first time. Radio … [Read more...]

Taylor Swift Named Greatest Country Singer OMG Like Ever


Taylor Swift has been named the Greatest Country Singer OMG Like Ever by the Association of Teen and Preteen Girls (ATPG). Swift, who narrowly beat out other top contenders such as Miley Cyrus, Rascal Flatts, and Carrie Underwood for the honor, learned of her win in a text message from ATPG president and Philadelphia High honors student Emily Daniels. "congrats!! ur th gr8st cntry sngr OMG lik evr" read the text message. In an acceptance speech posted to her Twitter account, Swift wrote: "it is … [Read more...]

Martina McBride Removed from Flight for Drunken Threats, Disorderly Conduct

En route to New York on her Shine promotional tour, Martina McBride was ejected from a Continental Airlines flight for disorderly conduct, including angry threats and violent behavior toward crew members. Problems began as soon as the singer boarded the plane on the Dallas runway. "Where's the motherf***er who can get me a Long Island?" shouted McBride as she stepped inside and sprawled herself lengthwise across a row of seats. When a flight attendant approached and asked that she watch her … [Read more...]