Fan Voting Write-Ins Determine CMT Awards Will Be Renamed “The Taylors”


Fan voting has determined that the CMT Music Awards scheduled for next Tuesday, June 16 will be rebranded as The Taylors in honor of new-country goddess Taylor Swift. "The weirdest thing is that, although this is a fan-voted show, the name of the show was actually not one of the things up for a vote. We just received so many letters from the Swift faithful that we had to honor their wishes," said editorial director Chet Flippo. "By the way, have I told you about how I knew … [Read more...]

Live Blogging Country Radio, Part VI

Health Tip of the Week: Only listen to country radio in short doses with something else (like blogging) claiming the majority of your attention. As with the sun, prolonged exposure and staring directly at it may be injurious to your health. 11:27 AM: Go go gadget radio! 11:27 AM: Right in the middle of a commercial block. 11:28 AM: "Growing taller is an important milestone for any child." 11:28 AM: Is that really a milestone? It's sort of an ongoing thing, I think. 11:29 AM: … [Read more...]

Rodney Atkins Spotted at Trader Joe’s


Country singer Rodney Atkins became embroiled in controversy on Monday when a photograph of him exiting the Nashville location of popular organic/health food chain Trader Joe's found its way onto country gossip website Nashville Gab. The post, unassumingly titled Who knew Rodney Atkins had a little hippie in him?, began exciting comment within minutes of its publication. The first comment came from cntryfan93, who wondered: "OMG, what was Rodney Atkins doing at Trader Joe's? I thought he was … [Read more...]

Win An Autographed Copy of the New Chuck Mead Album, Journeyman’s Wager


6/15: Thanks to everyone for playing. KathyP, you've got mail. In a seemingly neverending celebration of Country California's first anniversary, we're bringing you weekly music giveaways throughout June. Congratulations to the winner of last week's Ryan Bingham Roadhouse Sun giveaway, Sam G. Your CD will be in the mail shortly, Sam. Thanks to all the entrants. This week, the good people at Grassy Knoll Records and Thirty Tigers have hooked us up with an autographed copy of the new album … [Read more...]

Quotable Country – 06/08/09 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the original source. To the wingnuts: Taylor Swift is country -- every bit as country as Rascal Flatts or Keith Urban or Kenny Chesney or any of the other current country pop acts on country radio and on the Billboard charts. ‚óŹ - - ... so she's not country? If you disagree with Chet Flippo, you're a wingnut. And he just finished a ride to No. 1 with "She's Country," a song that's as hard-rockin' and edgy as anything that's appeared in country's … [Read more...]

Chuck Mead Does Hank (Senior, That Is)

Today is the last day to enter the Ryan Bingham giveaway, so do that if you haven't already. Stay tuned next week for a chance to win the new album from the delightful Chuck Mead, formerly of BR549. Here he is covering "Lost Highway" (penned by Leon Payne, popularized by Hank Williams) at a recent show. Pretty good stuff. … [Read more...]

Satan Seems Like Pretty Decent Guy in Malec Interview


Satan, the enemy of all that is good and right in the world, surprisingly came across as a pretty decent guy in a recent interview with Jim Malec, the managing editor of the popular country music website The 9513. The interview began dramatically with each being slowly reciting the other's name, like two giants finally facing off. Just as opening pleasantries had been exchanged and the tone seemed destined to turn confrontational, however, Malec confounded all expectations by taking more of a … [Read more...]