This Week in Country Music History (Sort Of)

It was just a matter of time. With our Fake News series, we've boldly gone where no man has gone before, rewriting the present and future of country music in accordance with our own whims. Now, we take a look back at country music past... in our own slightly deranged, frequently fictitious way. Since this is a new feature, your input is appreciated. Want to see it stick around? Let us know. Without further ado, this week in country music history... 2005 - Marty Stuart invites Dierks … [Read more...]

Who Wants Some Reba?


I'm back from an unplanned week-long trip to a place with limited internet access (i.e. I got put in the pokey). Thanks to Trailer for helping keep the content flowing as I was otherwise occupied. We should be back to a more regular schedule and mix of content now. Cool stuff ahead. First, though, some unfinished business: One prize went unclaimed in the giveaway that ended earlier this month, so there's still one copy of Reba: Season 6 on DVD up for grabs. If you want a shot at it, just … [Read more...]

Quotable Country – 07/26/09 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the original source. After all, that's what country music is all about -- storytelling. It's about folks telling their life story the best way they know how -- stories of love and longing, hope and heartbreak, pride and pain. Stories that help us celebrate the good times and get over the bad times. Stories that are quintessentially American. After all, name me any other country that would have produced a Hank Williams or a Willie Nelson. ● - - … [Read more...]

Rucker’s Shelved Traditional Country Songs All About TenderCrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch


Much has been made of the fact that the first songs Hootie & the Blowfish frontman Darius Rucker, then a country music hopeful, brought to Capitol Nashville exec Mike Dungan were deemed too country for country. By Dungan's own report: "Half the songs he came in with were Vern Gosdin, tear-in-the-beer-type ballads, and the other half were Texas two-step shuffles. I said, ‘Darius, we can’t get either one of these kinds of songs played on radio.’ We wound up actually pushing him a little more … [Read more...]

Mainstreaming the Meme

Here's a meme that's making the rounds on Facebook. I liked it enough that I wanted to share it outside my small network and give the rest of you a chance to do the same. So I call this mainstreaming the meme, even though I suspect Facebook might be slightly more mainstream than Country California at this point (I'm working on it). Basically, when you post it here, everyone can see it. I did mine on Merle Haggard. Brody Vercher of The 9513 fame did a good one on Guy Clark that perhaps he'll … [Read more...]

Fan Hospitalized After Chesney Drinking Game


University of Oklahoma junior Shaun 'Shotgun' Johnson approached the brink of death on Friday while playing a drinking game with his fraternity brothers during a CMT broadcast of a Kenny Chesney interview. The game, which entailed taking a shot of high-grade vodka every time Chesney responded to a question by uttering a cliché, was reportedly thought up by Johnson's close friend Pete Hargas. "I thought it would be fun," said Hargas, his usually crisply-popped collar wilted by tearful … [Read more...]

What’s the Deal With the Boring Lead Singles?


I encourage you to read that title in your best Jerry Seinfeld voice. There are quite a few major albums set to come out in the second half of 2009, which also means that there are quite a few lead singles hitting radio now. I don't know if I'm getting old and cranky or if all of Nashville has signed some pact to lead with the blandest stuff possible in 2009, but wow, this is discouraging. Recent singles that have bored (and sometimes disappointed) me, many from artists I count among my … [Read more...]