Up for Grabs: Three Copies of Bakersfield, the New Project from Vince Gill and Paul Franklin


Fans of classic country in the Bakersfield vein will be heartened by the July 30 release of Vince Gill and steel guitarist Paul Franklin's aptly-titled tribute album, Bakersfield. In anticipation of next Tuesday, our friends at MCA Nashville and EMG have provided us with copies of the album for THREE lucky readers. Before we get to the contest, though, let's talk a little about the project. Split evenly between covers of Merle Haggard and Buck Owens (find the full track list below), this … [Read more...]

A Tale of Two ALABAMA Tribute Albums


Having survived decades without any major ALABAMA tribute albums whatsoever, we can now anticipate the arrival of two very different tributes within the span of a month. The first is the mainstream ALABAMA & Friends, out August 27 on Show Dog-Universal. If there are no real shockers here - the inclusion of Trisha Yearwood excepted, the track list has an air of predictability about it - there aren't any obvious mismatches of song and singer, either. There's no reason to suspect that this … [Read more...]

Quotable Country – 07/21/13 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the source. Are you gonna sing some Diamond Rio? Because I'm gonna crap my pants. Nobody writes songs like that anymore. Nobody. This is some history-making shit, right here. Y'all need to be paying attention. Sorry. I love Diamond Rio. I can't get past the '90s. I'm trying to. ● - - Miranda Lambert to Bob DiPiero, performing in the round. That’s the beautiful thing about words, man. There’s so many ways to use them, and I love words. I … [Read more...]

Best Country Albums of 2013: Midway Report


A tentative ranking of Country California's best country albums of January through June 2013, ordered roughly from top to bottom but not numbered because I am a quivering pool of indecision. Ashley Monroe - Like a Rose Kacey Musgraves - Same Trailer, Different Park Jason Isbell - Southeastern Slaid Cleaves - Still Fighting the War Pistol Annies - Annie Up Chris Wall - El Western Motel Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis - Cheater's Game The … [Read more...]

Randy Travis Medical Saga: All the Details

Updates on the status of country legend Randy Travis were troublingly spotty over the weekend, with the latest news being days of heavy sedation following a stroke and emergency brain surgery. Thankfully, today saw the largest release of info yet by Baylor Health and Travis' public relations team. Full video and transcript follow. Let's keep Mr. Travis in our thoughts and prayers ((Dr. Michael Mack)) My name is Michael Mack. I’m a cardiac surgeon and the medical director of … [Read more...]

Quotable Country – 07/14/13 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the source. The best band in the world right now are the Punch Brothers, in any kind of music. They’re better than any jazz band that I know of, any rock and roll band that I know of, any bluegrass band that I know of and they can do all three of those things. I really think they’re the best band on the planet. ● - - Steve Earle. A band is the most volatile thing that you can get involved with. I swore 20 years ago that I'd never produce … [Read more...]

Quotable Country – 07/07/13 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the source. There are a lot of parallels, there really are. As far as the talent, as far as strategy... part of it is, ‘Get me that lane nobody else is racing in and we’ll find a way to win it.’ ● - - Scott Borchetta (profiled by Forbes) on racing cars and running a record label. I think the definition of an American is somebody who stands up during the ‘Pledge of Allegiance.’ ● - - Political expert Luke Bryan. I’m jumping … [Read more...]

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