"As Featured in Country Weekly"

While you’re out voting in the historic election today, you should swing by a newsstand and pick up the November 17 issue of Country Weekly. Kenny Chesney’s on the front cover, but the real highlight is hidden away on page 60:

Big thanks to Chris Neal for making this happen. I haven’t been at it anywhere near as long as Country Universe or The 9513, both previously featured, so I’ll take this as an early vote of confidence and use it to inspire me toward all the things I eventually hope to accomplish here. Anyway, how cool is it that I had something to do with getting a picture of Dwight and Buck into a national magazine? The fan in me is ecstatic.

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  1. ccdixon says

    Awesome! Congratulations and I look forward to the surge of new people who I’m sure will now be checking out the site.

  2. cmw says

    Thanks, folks! I don’t know who that Maglite guy is, but in the spirit of bipartisan cooperation I don’t even mind that he’s taking all the credit.

  3. cmw says

    Jim: Sure, but it’ll cost you.

    Chris: The check will be on the way as soon as Jim buys the autograph. I’m broke.

    Thanks again, folks.

  4. Brady says

    CU was in with Jeannie C. Riley, The 9513 got mentioned with a photo of Wynn Stewart, and you’re in with Dwight and Buck Owens. Hmm, is that a trend? Congrats CM and keep up the good work. Your article begs the question, though, what do you hope to accomplish?

  5. cmw says

    I’m eventually hoping to found a cult.

    Nah, honestly, just getting some of my good ideas out of development and down in publishable form. This blog is always a lot better in my imagination than it is in reality. It’ll probably always be that way, but I’d like to narrow the gap a bit.


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