Alan Jackson, Chuck Wicks Join Forces in New Duo Act

The timing of Chuck Wicks’ departure from RCA Nashville – just days after Alan Jackson announced his split from Arista – set tongues wagging down on 16th Avenue last week, and this morning brought confirmation of what many industry commentators had been predicting: Jackson and Wicks have officially announced the formation of a new pop-country duo called Wicks 66.

“You know, it just, uh, seemed like time to try something a little different,” said Jackson, one of country radio’s staple traditional acts over the past 20 years. “I know he was on that dancing show and seems a little fruity or whatever, but Chuck’s just a good ol’ boy from small-town Delaware, and I’m a good ol’ boy from Newnan, Georgia. We’ve got more in common than different, you know.”

On the origins of the duo name, Jackson explained: “When we realized Chuck’s last name rhymes with the year of the Cadillac I gave to Zac Brown, we figured it was meant to be.”

For Wicks, the new duo has meant a new lease on his career: “First of all, obviously, it’s a huge honor to be singing with Alan Jefferson. I grew up on his music, so to call him a friend now is totally surreal. I think people will be pleasantly surprised by how great we sound together. Our vocal blend lends itself to any number of things, from brother harmony to male-female duet kinds of things. The sky is the limit. Look out, Burns & Poe!”

The two reportedly first met when Jackson mistook Wicks for David Nail at an awards show, stopping to compliment him on the soulfulness of “Red Light.” “Alan is such a kidder,” says Wicks of that first meeting. “Hand to God, I really didn’t know who the hell he was,” adds Jackson.

The duo’s debut single is expected in March.

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  1. Stephen H. says

    It’s a good thing it’s happening now, and not two years ago, or else “All I Ever Wanted” would have been eight minutes long with two electric guitar solos, a fiddle solo, a harmonica solo, and a reprise of the first verse at the end.

  2. Rick says

    I’m sorry to report that this exciting joint musical venture has already completely derailed! It seems Alan came home one afternoon to find Chuck serenading his 13 year old daughter Dani Grace with the song “Stealing Cinderella” after which Chuck broke down in tears blubbering incoherently about Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest. As the men in white coats helped Chuck into the straitjacket and escorted him out the door, Alan made an offhand comment to no one in particular about knowing better than to trust sissyboys…

  3. Pat says

    Not kidding. I actually like the idea that Alan and Chuck form a duo country group, I think they will be doing great as a duo partnership.


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