Ain’t Dead Yet: 21 Albums That Kept Traditional Country Music Alive in 2012

With AM Country Heaven and The Time Jumpers topping my Best Country Albums of 2012 list, it’s fair to say that I found 2012 a pretty great year for real country music. Still, you can’t cram everything into a finite number of slots. So here’s an addendum of other recordings that didn’t land within my Top 20 but should be to the liking of folks whose tastes, like mine, tend to run toward the more traditional side of things.

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  1. Rick says

    Now this is my king of list! Well except for that fingernails on the chalkboard voice of Lindi Ortega anyway…(lol)

    Michael Ubaldini will get a kick out of making it onto this list! There is a new batch of talented honky tonkers happening in Los Angeles these days and Michael and His Lonesome Playboys are right at the heart of this movement. I don’t know if it will pick up any steam, but I’ve got my fingers crossed! (lol)

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