Aaron Watson’s California Stimulus Package

aaron-watson5/30: We have a (random) winner! OTWG, you’ve got mail.

Here’s something of interest to California readers:

Texas favorite Aaron Watson, whose six albums (from 2000’s A Texas Cafe to 2008’s Angels & Outlaws) have made him one of the brightest young traditionalists in the Lone Star State and beyond, will make a rare swing through California next week and he wants you to be there. So much so that, for one lucky fan, he will even pay your way. Watson’s people have been kind enough to set us up with one (1) concert prize pack, which includes:

  • A pair of tickets to the California show of your choice
  • Cool swag from the merchandise table, including:
    • A signed CD, a hat, and a t-shirt
  • As much musical entertainment as you can handle

A free show and free souvenirs? It’s hard to beat that. Your only expenses will be the gas to get there and the beer to raise in the air as Watson croons fan favorites like “Shut Up and Dance” and “I Don’t Want You to Go.” If you walk to the venue and flirt for beer, all your costs will be covered. And you’ll be on your way to a healthier lifestyle, assuming you don’t pass out on the side of the road from heat exhaustion en route to the venue.

Here are the show dates, which run Wednesday through Saturday of next week:

  • 6/3/09 – Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace – Bakersfield, CA
  • 6/4/09 – KRTY’s Avon Breast Cancer Walk Benefit @ Rodeo Club – San Jose, CA
  • 6/5/09 – The Cocky Bull – Victorville, CA
  • 6/6/09 – Rockin Rodeo @ The Stoney Inn – Sacramento, CA

How to get your chance at the prize? Simply comment on this post with (a) your favorite Aaron Watson song or (b) your favorite song about Texas. You have through Friday to enter, then I’ll draw a name at random and quickly get the winner’s info so that we can get you on the VIP list in time for your show of choice.

Even if you don’t win, I encourage you to check out the show nearest you. Watson doesn’t get out this way often and his ticket prices are very reasonable, so there’s no reason to miss out. You might recall that Watson made my recent list of musical discoveries of 2009, so you can bet I’ll be catching the show in my area.

All you non-Californians (my condolences) should stay tuned for more giveaways in coming weeks.

Here’s Aaron doing an acoustic version of “Barbed Wire Halo” to whet your appetite:

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  1. Rick says

    Dang, its too bad he’s not playing closer to Los Angeles, or better yet right here in Los Angeles! Bakersfield and Victorville are just further than I’m willing to drive these days for a single artist show. I’m surprised he’s not booked at at Pappy & Harriet’s out at Pioneertown northeast of Victorville. Now if he had Sunny Sweeney with him (like at Gruene Hall last Sunday), then I’d make the drive for sure! (lol) Again I say dang….

  2. Mike K says

    I’m on the wrong coast for the drawing, but I’ll submit “Honky Tonk Kid” as my favorite by Aaron (with Willie’s help). As for songs about Texas, I don’t know if they qualify exactly but I’ve been playing “Screw You We’re From Texas” by Ray Wylie Hubbard and “Loving County” by Charlie Robison a lot lately. Hope you Californians enjoy the show.

  3. OTWG says

    Fortunately, I am on the right coast for the drawing and only 40 miles north of Sacramento and I would have no problem at all driving that to see Aaron Watson.

    My favorite AW song is “Barbed Wire Halo”, as the song reminds me of my Grandpa a bit and my favorite song about Texas would have to be “Blue Bonnet Blues” by Chris LeDoux.

  4. j-nel says

    I’m only 30 min away from Sacramento! My favorite Aaron Watson song is “Can’t Be a Cowboy Forever” and my favorite Texas song is “Somewhere Down in Texas” by Jason Boland.

  5. says

    Huge AW fan. Try and make it out to Crystal Palace. But if I don’t, AW just might be making an appearance @ InCahoots in Fullerton sometime in September. Hope so. I know the DJ @ IC and we were trying to get AW on his current CA. run. Couldn’t because of schedule–so hopefully September whether or not I get to see him at the Palace.
    My favorite AW songs are Barbed Wire Halo (from Angels & Outlaws)–Excellent; I’ve Always Loved You (from Barde Wire Halo) Awesome; Thank God For Country Girls ( from A Texas Cafe)–Fun; Except For Jesse (from San Angelo)–Great Standard Country Backbeat; Heyday Tonight (from San Angelo)–Toe Tapper; Wish I Could Say I’d Been Drinking (from Shutupanddance) Name says it all; The Honky Tonk Kid w/Willie (The Honky Tonk Kid)–Real Country, Waltz; A Country Boy and City Girl (from Aaron Watson)–Simple song about a Boy & Girl; and every song I didn’t mention! Did I mention I was a HUGE fan!

    • says

      BTW, favorite song about Texas–George Strait & The Best Of Texas–Kimberly Kelly.
      And these are great also: When In Texas–Sonny Burgess; They’ve Never Been To Texas–Jamie Richards; On Earth As It Is In Texas–Deryl Dodd; Love You Back To Texas–Jamie Richards; Texas Blacktop Highway–Django Walker; Texas 101–Little Texas; Back To Texas–Tracy Byrd; Texas Talkin’–Todd Fritsch; Back To Texas–Tracy Byrd; Blame It On Texas–Mark Chestnutt.

  6. John says

    “Rollercoaster ride” is my fav Aaron Watson song, and “Songs about Texas” by Pat Green is my favorite song about this great state!


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