A Six Pack to Go (7/17 Edition)


Let It Go – Tim McGraw
Robert Johnson at the crossroads, devil on your back, carrying the past in a hundred-pound sack, head up high, standing in the rain, skeletons and ghosts hiding in the shadows, no more tears to cry, wash it all away. Way to settle on an image, team.

Flip Flops – Billy Craig
Raffi wrote this island song for Kenny Chesney. Kenny passed on it, so Billy Craig got it. Actually, that’s not true. Billy Craig apparently wrote it himself. Very strange, but a daring release in its own way.

You’re Not My Judge
– Kate and Kacey Coppola

You know, I’ve always said that if Naomi Judd were so unjustifiably mean to me on national television that all of America was on my side, I would be sure to make my first radio single an infantile rant against her that effectively obliterated all the public’s sympathy for me.

Somebody Said a Prayer – Billy Ray Cyrus
This reminds me of Tim McGraw in his uplifting, anthemic “Live Like You Were Dying” mode. As it turns out, the link between the two songs is songwriter Craig Wiseman. Billy Ray gives a commendable performance, so why am I so bored? Blame a song structure and generic inspirational message that both reek of Nashville formula.

Bartender Song (Sittin’ at a Bar) – Rehab
Because country needs another Kid Rock? I don’t get it.

I Would
– Phil Vassar

Phil Vassar, a fine pop songwriter, gets about as close to country as he ever has on this release. The lyrics are mostly forgettable, but it just might ride up the charts on its pleasant, rolling tempo anyway.


  1. Leeann says

    Wow! That does sound like a song Raffi would write.:)
    The Capolla’s song made me laugh out loud. I never watched the Can You Duet show, but Mama Judd must’ve really been harsh. I guess this song puts the Laura And Sophie eye rolling in perspective. If I were a judge, I’d rather have someone roll her eyes at me rather than write a seething song. I love The Judds, but I kind of like the song.:) I hadn’t heard them before, but they sound pretty good to me. What did Naomi say to them? Were they bad on the show?

  2. John Maglite says

    They were never terrible – much better than most of the Nashville Star contestants this year, for instance – but Naomi seemed to have it out for them. She would put on a scowl during every one of their performances, accuse them of having no personality in every critique, and take catty snipes at them even during critiques of the other acts. She got booed often. It definitely crossed the line into just plain meanness.

    Then she would go on to salivate over Brownell and Richey, a young male duo, commenting more often on how she could just eat them up than on how they sounded. It was hard to watch.

  3. Anonymous says

    I saw Billy open for JMM at DTE in Detroit with just his acoustic guitar and he was incredible……….Very entertaining…….Nashville needs to pick him up quick!

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