A Few Thoughts for a Wednesday

  • The number of successful Can You Duet duos (Joey + Rory, Caitlin & Will) is limited only by the number of possible abbreviations for “and.”
  • If the link in The 9513 roundup yesterday wasn’t enticing enough for you, consider this piece from Melodic Sunburst doubly recommended.
  • Willie Nelson is the only member of the Highwaymen who hasn’t had a major multi-artist tribute album devoted to him… probably because every time someone’s about to sing one of his songs, he pops up out of nowhere and turns it into a duet. The man is everywhere.
  • My Last.fm tells me I like Shooter Jennings and Faron Young about the same, but I don’t believe it.
  • Be sure to check out Tim McGraw’s Greatest Hits 4, in stores next Tuesday. It will feature old hits like “Hard on the Ticker” and “Welcome to the Club” alongside a newly-recorded cover version of the Taylor Swift hit “Love Story” and a previously unreleased duet with Gary Coleman.
  • This post is really just a placeholder to let you know that a (marginally) better post is coming later today.
  • The bullets in this new site design are way better than the old flowery bullets. Still, I’ll try to resist the urge to compose everything in bulleted list form.

New posts, by email, whenever we’ve got ’em.


  1. Chris N. says

    It’s true. A few minutes ago I started to sing “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” and Willie showed up. He was like, “Hold on, partner, I’ll take this verse and you can have the next one. Then we’ll go out back and spark one up.”

  2. Blake Boldt says

    3rd Place in the Nashville Scene’s “You are so Nashville if…” contest:

    You had to lock the studio door to keep Emmylou Harris from singing on your album.

    The same applies to Willie.

    Even a placeholder post can be fun.

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